Credit Card Review: Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi

Most of the credit cards I’ve review focus on earning airline miles, hotel points or some form of transferable points (Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi ThankYou Points or AMEX Membership rewards). However, when I talked about the differences in reward credit cards, there was another category I mentioned – the cashback card. This type of card won’t get you overseas in a fancy cabin, but it may help you pay the taxes on the ticket you’re purchasing with miles you’ve earned in a different program. Taking into consideration that many cards today offer business and first-class tickets at large discounts, it may be a better value to buy a ticket with cash instead of redeeming miles. A cashback card can help to offset those out of pocket expenses.

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The Best Credit Cards To Maximize Grocery Store/Supermarket Spending

According to USA Today, the average American family spends 10% of their income to pay for food, with that spending split almost evenly between eating out and eating at home. Plenty of credit cards provide bonuses for spending on restaurants, fast food and coffee shops but far fewer provide a bonus when buying groceries.

For a spending category that, on average, is 5% of your income, it makes sense to have a card that maximizes the points earned on those purchases. If you don’t want to have a card just for grocery spending, you should at least know which one of your cards will earn you the most amount of points possible.

These bonuses do not include grocery purchases made at Walmart, Target or any discount club like Sam’s Club, Costco or BJ’s.

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Why Do Rental Car Companies Charge For Extra Drivers? And Do You Always Have To Pay It?

You’ve gotten a sweet deal on a rental car (hopefully because you’ve read this article). You’ve figured out how much your toll charges are going to be, and you’re prepared because you know what you need to do about the insurance. You even know how to pay for your rental car by using your debit card. You get to the car rental desk and BOOM, you’re stuck with a daily fee so your spouse or friend can be an extra driver.

What’s up with that? And moreso, is there any way to avoid it? Funny you should ask…

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WDW Hotel Expansion, Tricks To Saving Money While Shopping, New Way Of TSA Pre-Check Enrollment & More…

Happy Sunday, travel friends! Here are some articles we’ve read this week from other bloggers (and other sources) that we think you may like, as well, so we’re passing them along.

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Costco Is Now Accepting Mobile Payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay)

Paying for the contents of you shopping cart at Costco has always been different than other places. Whereas other merchants accept as many payment types as possible, allowing as many people as possible to shop and spend money, Costco looks at the payment process differently. They see the checkout as one more way to reduce costs for their members. If Costco only accepts one type of credit card, they negotiate a preferred rate on transactions and pass on the savings. That’s why you were only able to use an American Express card at Costco stores (unless you paid with cash, check or debit card). That was until American Express lost the Costco contract to VISA and all of the Costco credit cards were changed from AMEX cards to the Citi Costco Anywhere VISA card. Now you can use any VISA card at Costco, but you’ll earn more cash back with the Costco Anywhere card. Still, you have a limited number of ways to pay for Costco purchases.  Continue reading “Costco Is Now Accepting Mobile Payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay)”