What’s The Big Deal About Metal Credit Cards?

I just don’t get the metal credit card trend. Maybe it’s because I’m not out to impress anyone with what credit card I’m using. I use credit cards so I can earn miles or points to use for our travels. I couldn’t care if the cashier is impressed about the weight of the card I handed to him/her to make my purchase.

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A Year Of Retention Offers

When I’m charged the annual fee for a credit card, I take time to think if I want to keep, downgrade or cancel the card. For me to keep the card and pay the fee, without having any guilt, the benefits I receive have to be worth more than I’m paying for the card. Those benefits may come in the ability to earn points that allow Sharon and I to go on amazing trips around the world. A card might also provide certain savings on travel like getting a free checked bag with an airline or free WiFi when staying at a hotel. There also also cards that make our travel more comfortable by giving us access to airport lounges or room and car upgrades, like the SUV we received when we rented a base sedan from Sixt.

I’m not a computer programmer, but the equation is a simple one

  • If card benefits > cost, then keep card
  • If card benefits < cost, then cancel card

But what happens if when I go to cancel a card, the bank does something to alter the calculations? That’s how retention offers work.

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Five Reasons I’m Glad I Kept The Citi Prestige Card

On October 22, information about major changes coming to the Citi ThankYou  Prestige card started to show up around the internet. Over the next two days, several different variations of new card benefits and changes  were put out there. While most of them were accurate, others were not so much. I generally don’t like to write about a topic until the dust settles and details are confirmed but we’re at a point now where I can look at what’s reportedly going to happen to the Prestige card and how it will affect me. At first review, I’m really happy about the changes. The Prestige was on my list of cards on the chopping block at this year’s renewal but now it’s a keeper. These changes also make me feel better about my choice to cancel my AMEX Platinum earlier this year.

Here are five reasons I’m glad I kept the Citi Prestige card:

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Citi ThankYou Premier 60,000 Point Sign Up Bonus Is Going Away (Along With The Card?)

Back in July, I noticed an increased sign up bonus for the Citi ThankYou Premier card. The previous high for the sign up bonus on this card was 50,000 points so it was a bit of a scoop. Good things can’t last forever though, and rumors are out that the increased sign up bonus for this card will be ending on October 11th.

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