Trying To Get Compensation For Flight Problems

What type of compensation does an airline owe you when things go wrong? While I know plenty about how to book a cheap flight and ways to use points and miles, I fortunately have never needed to worry about this question. That was until My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Travel Day. I wrote in that post about the events of that day and how I managed to get to Texas to meet Sharon for our Schlitterbahn trip despite Southwest cancelling my flight and giving me no notice.

Once I was home, I contacted Southwest, Delta and Citi to make them aware of the shortcomings I experienced with each of them. Just to be clear, I didn’t contact them to ask for anything, but if they felt some sort of compensation was warranted after hearing  what happened that day, I was willing to listen to their respective offers.

I’m not the least bit surprised about the results, as they reinforced what I felt about each company already.

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What Credit Cards Are In Our Wallets? (September, 2018)

It’s been almost a year since I’ve gone over which cards Sharon and I are carrying in our wallets. Since we each have a different approach to earning miles and points, mine being obsessive about earning the maximum points for each transaction, and her desire to exert the least amount of thought into the process (Note from Sharon: Hell yeah! LOLOL!), the cards we carry are different.

There’s a method to my madness, as I manage to balance the two approaches and come to a plan where we maximize earning while minimize effort (and still keep our marriage together). (Note from Sharon: Again. Hell yeah!)

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What’s The Best Credit Card To Maximize Earnings For Gas Purchases?

If you spend a lot of money each month filling your car with gas, it makes sense to maximize your return on those expenses. Many credit cards offer bonuses on gas purchases. It’s a smart business choice because using a card for gas means that card will always be in your wallet or purse and you’re more likely to use that card for other purchases besides when you go to fill up the tank.

Which card is the BEST? It depends on what type of reward you want to earn (cash or points), if you want to pay an annual fee and if you want an all-around card or a card that’s just for gas purchases. This is one of the instances where Your Mileage May Vary. Here are some of  the cards available, with above average return on gas purchases.

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Sweepstakes Alert! Enter to Win Citibank’s “Feel Like A Million Points” Sweepstakes

What would you do with a million ThankYou® Points?

That’s what Citibank wants to know. So to show their appreciation, Citibank is giving its Citi ThankYou® Members a chance to win up to a million ThankYou Points!

Here’s more about it:

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Win A Trip To WDW, How To Get Free Sirius/XM, Stranded At O’Hare & More

Happy Sunday, y’all! Here are some travel articles we’ve recently seen that we think you may enjoy.

This week I’d like to start by bragging about my first “breaking” story. I was cleaning up links on the YMMV website (a very time consuming task), when I was checking our post about the Citi ThankYou Premier Card. I noticed the link to the card was showing a 60,000 point sign up bonus, which was higher than any other offer. So I sent a Tweet to Doctor of Credit, one of my reliable sources for credit card offers.

By 2 AM, DoC had a post online telling everyone about the offer (giving me credit for the heads up!). The original link died within hours but others were found and are still active. Now other blogs, like this post from Frequent Miler, are sharing the story. What can I say, it’s the first time I ever found anything before anyone else. Yay me!

Here’s the rest of what we found interesting this week:

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