Citi Prestige: What Changed, What Didn’t, And What It All Means

The Citi Prestige card. Either you think it’s one of the most valueable cards out there or you don’t understand why people love the card so much. I’d say that I’m in the first camp. I appreciate the unique perks the Prestige provides and keep the card because it’s easy for us to end up making money without much effort or having to change our travel preferences.

In October 2018, Citi announced a major revamp to the Prestige card. Several of the changes went into effect on January 4th. Since many of these changes are major improvements to the card, it has earned a permanent slot back in my wallet. Here’s a list of things that have changed already, what changes are coming down the road and what hasn’t changed.

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When Paying The Check At A Restaurant, I Froze When I Needed To Pull A Card Out Of My Wallet

I guess there are worse problems to have than not knowing which is the best card to pull out of my wallet when paying for a meal. When I went out for dinner with friends last night, we split the check and I needed to choose a card to pay for my share. I saw someone paying with an American Express Gold Card that earns four Membership Rewards per dollar and the other party was paying with a Capital One card that earns 4% cash back. So I needed to make sure my selection showed I know the best way to maximize points earning. I mean, I’m the one at the table who writes about points and miles, right? So why did I freeze and ponder which would be the best card for me to use?

It wasn’t that I didn’t have a card that earned a great return, it was that I had three cards in my wallet that each would earn a good return on the cost of my dinner. Any of them would be a good choice, but which card was the best choice and did I choose wisely?

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How Many Guests Can You Bring Into A Lounge With Priority Pass Select? It’s Complicated.

Priority Pass is a program that provides access to airport lounges, business suites and credits you can use at airport restaurants. While you can buy a membership into the program, most people from the United States have a Priority Pass Select membership through having a credit card which provides it as a perk. That’s where things get interesting. While the access to the club may be limited due to capacity issues, the cardholder will get in by showing their Priority Pass card (or a digital card if available). If you want to bring in a guest, each card has rules that are worded slightly differently and those small differences may cost you an additional $32 for each extra guest in your party.

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Why Do Banks Make Everything So Difficult?

Note: Offers mentioned in this article are no longer available.

Over the course of one week, I dealt with issues from three different banks. Needless to say, that was one long week. I don’t understand why, when dealing with a bank, every transaction must be difficult. It’s like pulling teeth to get anything accomplished. When everything is difficult, I tend to get introspective and think, “Maybe I’m the one that’s difficult to deal with.” I’m looking for some objective opinions, is it me or is it the bank?

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This Change To The Citi Prestige Would Have Cost Me $150 On A Single Hotel Booking

I received an email today from Citi detailing the changes coming to the Citi Prestige card. These changes weren’t a secret as it was less than three weeks ago when I wrote about the five reasons I was happy I kept my Citi Prestige Card when I first heard about the changes. If the changes I knew about were going to be the only ones, I was OK with that. However, thanks to some sleuthing from One Mile At A Time, there was one more change to the Fourth Night Free benefit that wasn’t announced, and it makes a huge difference.


History of the Fourth Night Free

Originally with the Prestige card, to make a fourth night booking you needed to contact the Citi Concierge. They would take your information, look up the hotel and book the room. You were able to take advantage of all your benefits, like earning hotel loyalty points, complimentary upgrades and all the amenities that status with a hotel provides. You were also able to book AAA rates and special rates (as long as you didn’t have to log into an account to see them, so no member-only rates allowed). While hotels don’t allow you to get any perks when staying on a rate booked through a third party site, the Citi Concierge wasn’t considered a third party site but more like a corporate booking agent.

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