Hotel Review: Kimpton Gray – Chicago, IL

It’s not often that you get to stay overnight in a life insurance building that opened back in 1894, but Kimpton isn’t your everyday hotel chain. Now part of the IHG family of brands, Kimpton has a flair for taking extraordinary spaces and turning them into phenomenal hotels. The Kimpton Gray in Chicago is a perfect example.

I’ve already written about how I used my IHG Select Credit Card free night certificate to pay for the room instead of paying the $400+ a night that rooms were going for at the time. The Gray fit our needs for a quick weekend in Chicago, it was located in the Loop and right off the CTA from O’Hare and the United Center.¬†While rooms at this hotel can be expensive, they’re really nice.

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How To Get Free Or Discounted Admission Into Museums

Sharon and I love to check out museums when we’re traveling. Whether it’s a somber location like The September 11th Memorial Museum or Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park or somewhere fun, such as The Pinball Hall of Fame or The Museum of Pop Culture, we’ll find some time to plan a visit.

Admission to museums can be expensive. Yet while I always look for discounts on amusement park tickets, I’ve never thought about saving money at ¬†museum. Turns out, it’s the same process and you might even be able to get in for free.

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I’m Gonna Miss The Unlimited Free Night From The IHG Credit Card

My favorite perk of the no longer available IHG Select credit card was the free night you could use at any IHG hotel worldwide. When Chase revamped the cards this year, one of the changes with the free night benefit of the new IHG Premier card was that redemptions became limited to rooms costing 40,000 points or less.

Since current cardholders were given one more year to take advantage of the unlimited night, I had to make it count.

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What’s Up With O’Hare Airport & Its Public Toilets?

Joe and I went to Chicago to visit a friend in the mid-1990s and when I stopped at the ladies’ room after we landed at O’Hare International Aiport, I was surprised to see the oddest looking toilet I had ever seen in the U.S. The toilet itself was pretty typical but the seat had a plastic wrapper on it. The sign in the stall said to press the button and the plastic would be replaced for my hygienic safety, or some such. When we went back to Chicago last summer, these weird toilets were still there, still freshly wrapping the seat in plastic for your butt.

My question this summer was exactly the same as it was circa 1995…
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Must-Buy Items To Bring Home From Certain Cities

When visiting a certain city, what’s the item you need to bring home? You know, that thing that’s only available there. You might even get excited about going somewhere because you know you’re going to be able to buy this specific item.

Over the years, we’ve developed a list of things we need to bring home if we’re going to be somewhere. Granted, I know that nowadays you can pretty much order anything from anywhere. Frankly, I don’t need these items that much to pay the shipping and handling costs; I can go without them. But if I’m visiting a place where I can just buy it, why should I pass up that chance?

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