Successful Orlando-Based Stroller Rental Company Expands Into Las Vegas

If there are any things that are used a lot in Central Florida, it’s strollers. Some families bring their own, some buy a cheap one at Walmart or Target and then leave it here when they go home (what a waste – I hope there’s a system in place so they consistently get donated somewhere!), and others rent a stroller, either at the theme parks on a daily basis, or by a rental stroller company for the length of their stay. Some people even rent strollers that look like a princess’s carriage.

There’s one stroller rental company, Main Street Strollers, that’s been making huge strides in Orlando because not only are they one of the few that rent those popular Keenz stroller wagons, but they have, by far, the lowest prices for those rentals that I had seen in the entire area.

In Spring of 2019, the Disney parks on both coasts set size limits on strollers that could enter their parks (click here for a list of what strollers can and cannot be brought into the parks now) and although Main Street Strollers’ single and double strollers were still fine, their Keenz stroller wagons were no longer allowed into Walt Disney World parks, unless the child using it had special needs.

Some companies would have just shrugged their shoulders and carried on as best as they could. Instead, Main Street Strollers did what any successful company with an eye towards the future would do.

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Orlando’s Hotel Hero During Hurricanes

As I write this post, Hurricane Dorian is decimating the Bahamas and may or may not cause some major damage to the eastern half of Florida.

Because it’s inland, Central Florida doesn’t get nearly the amount of damage that can be seen on the Atlantic or Gulf coasts of the state (hurricanes need to be over warm water to gain/keep their strength, so as they go over land, they lose some of their steam). Granted, we still get our share of major issues when big storms come through. Roofs blow off houses, trees come down, mobile homes are destroyed, we lose electricity for days or weeks, etc. We, thankfully, just don’t get the same level of devastation that the coasts get, is all.

ABOVE: Hurricane Charley, 2004. 110mph winds knocked down our neighbor’s tree, which landed on our tree and roof

Of course, Orlando International Airport also shuts down for big weather issues such as hurricanes, since it’s obviously not safe for planes to fly in that sort of weather (although this Allegiant plane full of passengers did during Hurricane Florence in 2018???)

So between people from the coast evacuating inland, others being stranded because their flights are canceled, and having over 120,000 hotels rooms in the area because we have a lot of theme parks, we tend to get an influx of visitors when a hurricane is aimed at Florida.

Some hoteliers would take advantage of this and raise prices, gouging people when they’re in the most need. But there’s one hotel owner in Central Florida who does the opposite…

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Attn: Orlando Visitors – New Road Toll On Its Way, With Potential $25 Penalty

Orlando is in the midst of a road construction boom and frankly, a whole lot of Central Florida roads are a total pain to drive on. We wrote about the various projects just about a year ago, and guess what? With just a few exceptions at Walt Disney World, they’re all still going on.

Construction on one particular toll road is about halfway done, and it’s the one that visitors going between MCO and the tourist corridor should be most aware of…

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The Rabies Alert At WDW & Your Safety In Relation To The Wild/Feral Animals In & Around The Area

Earlier this month, the Florida Department of Health in Orlando County issued a 60-day rabies alert after a feral cat scratched two Walt Disney World cast members. Happily, the two CMs were not infected and are back to work. The cat was found in the parking lot of an office building outside the park and was put down.

The alert is for a 2-mile radius around the intersection of I-4 and Epcot Center Dr. (a.k.a. Rt. 536):

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 2.36.18 PM

This means a significant chunk of the Walt Disney World (WDW) complex is affected, including a portion of Epcot, as well as virtually all of Disney Springs, Typhoon Lagoon, and  Disney’s Sarasota Springs, Old Key West, Port Orleans, Caribbean Beach, Art of Animation and Pop Century Resorts.

Outside WDW property, multiple hotels, strip malls, apartment complexes and other “real life” standalone buildings and public/private spaces, including a Disney cast member housing complex, are under the alert.

So how does this affect you and your safety when visiting Central Florida?

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Why Does It Rain So Much In Florida During The Summer? And What Can You Do About It?

It’s summer in Florida, which means chances are good it’ll rain just about every afternoon. And it’s not just rain, it’s like we have a daily monsoon, complete with 50mph winds and so many huge raindrops falling from the sky that you can barely see across the street. And the thunder! As well as the lightning! Often at the same time!

Yeah, our afternoon thunderstorms are a sight to behold…preferably from the safety of indoors. And the thing is, it can be gorgeous outside (boiling hot, but gorgeous), then the rain comes in, and 15 or 20 minutes later it’s all done and the sun is out again.


Welcome to Florida in the summer. Here’s why it happens and what you can do about it…

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