Should You Buy Cell Phone Insurance Or Get It From Your Credit Card?

Did you pick up a new phone during a sale on Black Friday or Cyber Monday and are wondering what’s the best way to protect that $1000+ purchase? You’re in luck because one of the newest benefits credit cards are adding is cell phone insurance. To be eligible, all you have to do is charge your cell phone bill to a card that provides coverage.

It doesn’t matter how you paid for the phone, although I hope you used a card that has some sort of purchase protection included.

Using the coverage from your credit card would seem to be a no-brainer. The coverage is free and continues for as long as you’re paying your bill with the card. However, did you look into if this is the best way to cover your phone against damage?

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How To Make Your Phone Charge Faster When Traveling

One of the scariest “first world problems” of technology that can happen while you’re traveling is when your phone is about to lose power. I mean, think of all the things you use your phone for when you’re traveling – travel documents, confirmations, membership numbers, addresses of places you’re going, maps, ride-sharing programs – SO MUCH! So when your phone battery is down to 2%, you want to charge your phone as much as you can as quickly as you can.

There are a bajillion (well, maybe not a bajillion. More like 3 or 4) ways to charge your phone but some will be faster than others.

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Credit Cards Are Adding Cell Phone Coverage But Benefits Aren’t All The Same

It used to be that just one or two of my credit cards offered any type of coverage for cell phones. When phones were less expensive and U.S. mobile providers were subsidizing the full cost, having insurance on your phone wasn’t viewed as being important. Now that more popular phones cost around or over the $1,000 range, and repair prices vary from $100 for a cracked screen to several hundred dollars for more severe damage, having a policy where you only need to pay a $50 deductible is an appealing option.

Customers were paying for their own coverage but the banks saw an opportunity to differentiate their product by offering Cell Phone ProtectionĀ as a perk of their cards. Offering this benefit requires paying your cell phone bill with that card, so for the bank this is an excellent way for them to get you to put your recurring cell phone bill onto their card for month after month.

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Disney’s Failed Mobile Phone Service

Cell phone companies are always trying to prove why you should switch to them. Whether it’s a deal on certain phones, prices for specific plans, or technology one company offers that the others don’t, there’s almost always some reason why you may want to consider going from this provider to that one. A perfect example is when and why Joe and I switched from AT&T to T-Mobile, and it’s worked out great for us.

The “big four” mobile phone providers in the U.S. are AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. But did you that about 15 years ago, Disney threw its hat into the cell phone company ring, as well? The story behind it, as well as how and why it eventually failed is pretty interesting. Take a look…

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Make Sure To Change This Setting On Your Phone Before Traveling

If you’re like me, there are probably hundreds of functions and settings on your phone that you don’t even know about. When installing an update, it’s easier to just leave the default preferences in place.

The only time I’ll ever go into the settings of my phone is after I read an article that actually explains what a setting means and why it might be a good, or a bad, idea to change things around.

I noticed this new “feature” of my iPhone but at first, I thought it was just a glitch. I knew it wasn’t when I saw someone on Twitter complaining about the same issue and I looked into it some more.

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