If What Happened During Air Travel Was The Same In Real Life, Here’s How Awful it Would Be

Every place you encounter has “social norms,” which are the behavioral rules that it’s assumed (or at least hoped) people will follow. Each place has its own sets of social norms, so the things you’re supposed to do, say and act at, let’s say, jury duty, are not the same as those if you’re at a baseball game.

Social norms also vary from country to country (here are some examples I bet you didn’t know about) and knowing and following those social norms while you’re there (i.e. not blowing your nose in public in Japan) shows you have respect for that country, its people and its social norms.

But just as blowing your nose in public in Japan would be looked at oddly, there are other examples where the social norms of one aspect of traveling would be totally crazy in another. Take a look…

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Newbies & Non-U.S. Citizens: TSA Pre-Check, Global Entry, CLEAR, NEXUS, Sentri: What’s The Best For You?

With more and more people traveling, depending on where in the U.S. you’re flying/driving/floating into or out of, the lines at TSA checkpoint and/or customs/immigration can be ridiculously long sometimes (I’m looking at you, Orlando International Airport, but there are others, too). Fortunately, there are ways to bypass the queues. Fortunately or unfortunately, there are several options of programs nowadays, some government-run, one not, and unless you sit down and read each one, it’s hard to decide if, or which one, you should consider. Hopefully, this will help.

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10 Great Gifts For Travelers

I was looking at a scratch off world map the other day and in comparing different styles and prices, seemed to go down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland as I started looking at all the stuff that’s out there for travelers. Some have been out for forever, some seem to be pretty new. Most (not all) are REALLY cool. Here are some of my favorites:

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How To Get A Cheap Rental Car

Choosing a rental car is not the most glamorous part of vacation planning. When we travel, it usually doesn’t matter what type of car we have. I’d like something not too small and with enough room for 2 suitcases, but besides that, a car is a car.

It’s rare that we rent a fancy car like this Audi from Silvercar in Austin, TX.

There’s a law of diminishing¬†returns when it comes to travel planning. Putting in a little extra time into the trip can either save you time, save you money or give you a better experience. ¬†This is very true for renting a car.

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ROAD TRIP! Easy Ways To Find Out What’s At The Next Exit

Years ago, before smart phones were a thing, you were fairly limited in finding out what was coming up next on those long highways. Oh sure, you’d see the blue highway signs that would tell you the next rest stop was in 27 miles, or there was an amusement park, a KOA Campground and a Wawa at exit 7A. Your AAA triptych would give you some idea of what was on the way, too, but overall you were pretty limited when it came to details, especially if you were further out than just a couple of miles away.

Back in the 90s, Joe and I, along with our friend Steve, used to do a lot of road trips. We all lived in the NY/NJ/Philadelphia area at the time and visited Niagara Falls, Williamsburg VA, Cape May NJ, Cedar Point, a Disney convention in MA, and a bunch of other places. Steve had a book called The Next Exit, which had a listing of everything at, you guessed it, the next exit. Food, gas, lodging, camping, shopping, you name it. Let me tell you, that book was super important to us when we did road trips, because it had listings for every exit of every U.S. Interstate Highway in the contiguous United States, so we could know specifically where to find a Wendy’s or Holiday Inn Express (Joe may have already been doing the “points” thing), or if the next gas station was a name brand or not.

It wasn’t until the advent of smart phones that this information was at your fingertips, and even now, if you’re in a remote area without much signal and no way to become your own hot spot, you might still be out of luck. Plus, of course, you have to know where to look – I mean, if you’re on the I-90 in Anystate USA, have a picky eater in the car and want to know what restaurants are at a rest stop 2 hours ahead of you so you can plan lunch, where do you look to find out? Well, as the (not so) old saying goes, “There’s an app for that!” (and sometimes a book, too!)
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