Updates for JetBlue, Update on Real ID, Combating Resort Fees & More…

Hey y’all! Here are the articles we’ve recently seen, written by other travel bloggers and article writers, that we learned from, made us think or maybe made us chuckle a little bit. We hope you enjoy them!

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AMEX/Google Express Offers, Toy Story Hotel, A Hack For Black Friday Sales & More…

From hotel promotions to American Airlines’ listeria problem to Starbucks’ upcoming co-branded credit card, here are some stories we saw this week that we thought were interesting. We hope you will, too:

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Road Tripping? Here’s Some REAL Highway Music

If you’re ever traveling near or through Tijeras, New Mexico, you may want to make a pit stop (or, more appropriately, a drive by) for this, just because it’s different…and, dare I say, music to your ears.

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Kitschy Roadside Attraction: Everyone Should Walk Up A 65-Foot-Tall Dinosaur, Right?

In September 2016, while on our way to Desert Trip music festival to see some of the best and certainly the largest concert we have ever seen in our lives, Joe and I stopped at an over 40-year-old roadside attraction just off the I-10, about 13 miles west of Palm Springs: the Cabazon Dinosaurs!
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We’re Going To Do The Pan Am Experience!

As you guys may have figured out, Joe and I like to travel. But we like to think our travel is different from that of most people. Oh sure, some people like to go to the Caribbean, or to Italy or to go hiking. And some of those are nice sometimes (well, except the hiking. I’m not a hiking sort of person). But for us, especially for me, the more unusual, the more different, the more of an adventure, the more off the beaten path, the better. And if you can add a little kitsch to it, well, THEN my life is just complete. So when a friend posted an article on Facebook about the Pan Am Experience, my eyes perked up. I did some Continue reading “We’re Going To Do The Pan Am Experience!”