Credit Card Review: American Express Business Gold Card

American Express has been revamping each card in their charge card portfolio over the past several years. These changes have added new cardholder benefits, increased Membership Rewards point-earning opportunities and, unfortunately, higher annual fees. If you’re curious what are the differences between charge cards and credit cards, check out this article.

When it comes to the American Express Business charge cards, the Gold version of the card, previously known as the Business Gold Rewards card, was renamed to just the Business Gold Card. If you decide that you want to sign up for this card, or any of the American Express business credit cards, we’d appreciate if you use our link. We receive Membership Rewards points for each referral and that helps us keep Your Mileage May Vary HQ going strong.

Are the new benefits of the card worth the higher annual fee?

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How To Decide What Rewards Credit Card To Sign Up For Next

NOTE: Offers mentioned in this post may no longer be available.

When I’m ready to sign up for a new credit card it’s an exciting time for me and  I’ll read though the recent articles listing the “Best sign up bonuses” so I have an idea of what is available. Instead of making yet another list, I’ll give some insight into what I take into consideration when making the decision of which card to apply for next.

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