It’s WDW Food & Wine Festival Season, But Did You Know About This Other Food & Wine Event at Disney?

Walt Disney World’s International Food & Wine Festival has been held at Epcot since 1995. Starting as a relatively small event nearly 25 years ago, it’s now grown into a 10-week affair that includes exclusive food and beverage-related events, culinary classes, the Eat To The Beat concert series, special souvenirs galore and, of course, dozens of booths around World Showcase, highlighting samples of food and drink from around the world. It’s become a very popular event over time and one of the highlights of the year for hundreds of thousands of Disney and food fans.

However in the midst of all this, there’s another food and wine event held on Disney property that many less people know about…

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A Bottomless Boozy Disney Brunch With A Sing-Along? Sign Me Up!

The Aeronaut was a popular watering hole that, unfortunately, burned down in early 2017. Thankfully, no one was hurt. But thanks to the General Manager who promised to rebuild and was good to his word, the pub was rebuilt, back up and running by late November of the same year.

Already well known for its wide variety of entertainment including circuses and cabaret shows, the Aeronaut has decided to expand its themed Saturday Bottomless Brunch by having different entertainers ever week. And for 5 of those weeks, the brunch is called When You Wish Upon A Brunch. I think you can see where I’m going with this…

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What’s Your Favorite Breakfast/Brunch Spot in New York?

We’re looking for your suggestions. Unlike our usual trips to New York City, we’re going to have time on Saturday and Sunday morning to go out for breakfast or brunch. We have no idea where to start looking with so many choices in New York, so we’re asking our readers, “what’s your favorite place?” We’re not tied to our usual Manhattan/Times Square locale, so hit us with your favorites.

If you’re really looking to impress us with your suggestions, we prefer to order from a menu instead of a buffet and would like somewhere that wouldn’t require us to dress up too much.

Let it be known that breakfast one day might consist of a meal that looks like this (Edit from Sharon: Excuse me but, ummm, might? MIGHT?!?!?! What is this “might” you speak of? The correct word is “will.” As in, “We WILL have a NY bagel breakfast.” “Might,” he says. [snort] HA!).

New York Bagels Dr Brown Soda
Now that’s a breakfast @ Ess-a-bagel

Thanks for helping us plan our trips and for sharing your favorite places with us!!!!