It’s Possible To Upgrade An Award Ticket To First Class With Cash

I’m always reading about travel hacks online. Ways to work the quirks in the system to your advantage. I was interested when I saw an article on One Mile at a Time that gave instructions on how to buy an upgrade to first class on Alaska Airlines when checking in for your flight. I read this shortly after I booked a one way ticket from Seattle to Orlando on Alaska Airlines using my British Airways Avios.

  1. You can book Alaska Airlines flights using British Airways Avios
  2. I don’t know why British Airways calls their miles/points “Avios”.
  3. To book with Avios, there needs to be saver space available on the Alaska Airlines flight (you can search on the Alaska Airlines or American Airlines websites)
  4. You need to call British Airways to book the award ticket

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Removal of Foreign Transaction Fees, Hotel Paying You Cash When They Don’t Follow Policy, + More…

Here are the posts we saw last week, written by other travel bloggers, that we learned from, made us think or maybe chuckle a little bit. We hope you enjoy them, too!


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Planning for Intra-Europe Flights Was An OCD Nightmare Come True

I tend to plan obsessively over our trips, a fact I am sure Sharon will confirm for you in 3..2..1… (Note from Sharon….Huh? What? Oh. Him? OCD? Um….what’s the word I’m thinking of? H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks YESSSSSS!)

I’d rather worry about something ahead of time, possibly unnecessarily, instead of deal with an avoidable problem while on vacation in a foreign country. I’ll make sure we have the proper credit cards, arrange to have cash ahead of time or know where the ATM will be when we arrive and will have planned how we’re going to get to and from all of the locations on our trip.

Planning the travel parts of the trip is the easy part. I just know how we’re going to get to the airport and make sure that our bags are within the weight limits. I have a luggage scale that works to keep us within the guidelines.


But what if you don’t know what the guidelines are?

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How We Went On A $25,000 Trip Halfway Around The World For Less Than $1000 (a.k.a. What You Can Do With Points & Miles)

I’ve written plenty about how I earn credit card points and airline miles, but gathering all those points and miles is meaningless unless you do something with them. We saved points for several years and managed to take an once in a lifetime trip. We could have taken this trip by flying in coach on the cheapest tickets available but why would you want an amazing trip to be ordinary?

….and no, I didn’t actually pay $25,000 for the trip.

Here’s the details of the best trip I ever planned (with some help).

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How To Avoid Extra Credit Card Fees During International Travel

Going on an international trip is very exciting but it can also be very expensive. Using a credit card to pay for purchases when traveling internationally is often the best way to get a good exchange rate and the rate your bank gets will be better than the one you’ll get on your own if you exchange cash. Using a card also means that you don’t have to carry around a bunch of cash with you. However, many cards will add on a “foreign transaction fee” to any transactions made with anything except your home currency. Here’s an easy way to keep from paying that extra 2-3 percent on all of your purchases while away.

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I Asked Airlines How I Could Make Sure I Would Sit With My Kids and Here’s What They Said

After writing about the family who was split up in middle seats throughout the plane on our United flight to Chicago, I wasn’t expecting the response we got from our readers. We received a number of comments from readers with differing viewpoints. One one hand, we received two comments that I’m sure United would be just thrilled to read:

  • I won’t be flying with United. My kids won’t handle being separated from me.
  • Yup. Not flying United.

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We are flying to Charlotte for $25!!!!

Forgive the clickbait headline. But truth be told, we really are flying for an out-of-pocket expense of less than $25. How? Thanks for asking!


Not all trips on points and miles are glamourous. Some are rather plain, yet important. Like when you and your wife want to fly to Charlotte for a friend’s wedding in little over than a month from now.

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