Ways To Avoid Baggage Fees, How To Get To The Gate Without A Ticket, Ways To Make A Disney Vacation Cheaper, How To NOT Drive A Plane, & More!

Happy Wednesday to all of our travel friends, both near and far! Here are some articles we’ve read from other bloggers (and other sources) that we think you may like, as well, so we’re passing them along.

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Seven Things I Learned After A Two Week Work Assignment

My job doesn’t usually involve travel. If I didn’t volunteer for these out of town assignments, I’d be able to stay home and work my normal schedule. However, I can’t pass up the chance to act as a mentor and share my years of experience to new people with the company. The fact that my employer is willing to fly me around the country, pay for my hotel, meals and transportation expenses is just a bonus. I also get to find out what it would be like if I had a job where I was required to be on the road.

My first trip was for one week and I worked almost non-stop the whole time I was away. I’m not a spring chicken and a 75 hour week surrounded by two travel days was enough for me. Here are five of the things I learned from that experience.

This time there was the opportunity for a two-week assignment in Brooklyn, NY. The work schedule was more favorable, requiring me to only work a 40 hour week. After getting approval from Sharon, I applied for it and was accepted.

Then the realization that I was going to be away from home for two weeks began to set in. What did I sign myself up for?

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Hotel Review: Hilton Garden Inn Charlotte/SouthPark

The Hilton Garden Inn Charlotte/SouthPark is located down the road from the SouthPark Business area and across the street from the SouthPark shopping center, just south of Charlotte. There are a Ruth’s Chris, Palm and DelFrisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse just minutes away, so it’s clear hotels in this area are catering to those visiting the many surrounding office complexes. As I was visiting for my first work trip ever, it was nice to have many restaurants in the area that were open late and accustomed to solo diners showing up to catch a bite at the bar just before closing time (and with expense account that allowed me to eat at them).

The Hilton Garden Inn shares a building with a Homewood Suites but for my entire stay, I managed to stay in “my” side of the hotel. The Hilton Garden Inn side of the hotel consists of 160 rooms spread over seven floors. Parking for the hotel is located in a (usually full) small lot across from the entrance and a two-story parking garage. There’s no charge for parking or any type of hotel fee charged at this hotel.

Hilton Garden Inn Charlotte/SouthPark
4808 Sharon Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28210


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What Happens When Everyone Is Elite?

… and when everyone’s super, no one will be.” – Syndrome from “The Incredibles”


Not the quote you’d think would inspire me to write a travel blog, is it? However, it popped into my head when reading Nick’s post on Frequent Miler about how having Diamond Hilton status may or may not have helped him out on a recent stay. He has top-level Hilton status because he holds the Amex Hilton Aspire credit card, with an annual fee of $450. He mentioned a comment from a reader introducing the idea that when everyone has access to something, be it status or superpowers, that thing no longer becomes important because anyone can have it.

There was a time, not too long ago, that to achieve top-level status with any travel company, like an airline or hotel chain, you actually needed to use their services and use them a lot. This meant you either had to be a true road warrior, spending much of your work time staying in hotels and flying from worksite to worksite, or a dedicated travel hacker who spent days or more likely weeks making mileage and mattress runs trying to rack up credits for the least amount of money possible.

Those days are gone.

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Ever Want to Actually Have Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Now You Can! (Updated 10/19)

You know the scene – Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the classic film based on the novel by Truman Capote, opens with Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn), nibbling on a pastry and drinking some coffee while peeking into the windows of the Tiffany & Co. It’s early and the store isn’t open yet, so all she can do is gaze longingly at everything.

Since the film’s premiere in 1961, no one’s been able to really eat breakfast at Tiffany’s (I mean, really, they sell jewelry, china and silver!), but if you’re a Audrey Hepburn fan, get ready to swoon, because now you can!

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