Starbucks Bingo Is Back; Is Playing Worth Your Time?

Starbucks has been recycling its promotions for the last several years. Right on schedule, the Bonus Stars Bingo promo returned on October 4 and lasts thru October 31, 2019. I pay attention to these offers but I’m not expecting to earn a bunch of bonus stars. However, someone must be going to Starbucks because of these promotions or they wouldn’t keep bringing them back every year in almost the exact same format.

Starbucks Bingo awards bonus stars for completing tasks, finishing a line and a kicker bonus for filling the whole board.

  • Collect five bonus stars every time you fill a circle
  • Collect an additional 10 bonus stars with you complete three in a row. You’ve already got a head start with your free space
  • Collect 305 bonus stars when you conquer the entire board

In total, you can earn 425 bonus stars if you complete all the tasks, but how hard are the tasks and is it worth it?

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Our Weekly Recap: 11/12/17 – 11/18/17

Happy Saturday, friends! Here’s a recap of what we wrote this week:

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An Easy Way To Get 300 Bonus Stars from Starbucks (That’s Enough For 2 Free Items!)

I’m a Starbucks person. I love drinking my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season (but only when the temperature drops below 60F.). When I’m working a morning shift, a stop at the Starbucks for a coffee and breakfast sandwich is going to happen. The baristas even left me a note on my coffee on the last day before I changed work locations.

So when Starbucks is willing to give away 300 stars in the Starbucks Rewards program, they have my attention. Since you can redeem 125 stars for a free drink or food item, this offer is like getting $10 – $20 back. Unlike some of their recent promotions that wanted me to change my behavior (Like the one that was offering me 50 stars if I stopped in on a weekday between 2-5PM for 5 days in a row. Yeah, not gonna happen), this one is rewarding me for something I’m going to do anyway.

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