What Do Award Booking Services Provide And Who Should Use Them?

When it comes to airline frequent flyer programs, earning points is the easy part. Redeeming those points for free travel (or mostly free travel) is the difficult part. Not only do you have to find award space, but you also have to use the right program to book your travel or risk paying more than you have to.

Eventually, people who lived and breathed the ins and outs of booking award tickets figured out that other people would gladly pay someone to do all the work of finding and booking award tickets. The award booking service business model was born.

What do these booking services do? Who should think about using them? How do you pick which one to use?

I’ve used these services before and referred others to them as well. I’ve also spent┬áthe time and effort to book several complicated award tickets myself. Here’s my take on the value-added to booking award tickets that these services provide…

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