Five Reasons You Should Be Using AwardWallet

Once you’ve been paying attention to points and miles for a while, it becomes inevitable that you’ll end up with a stack of membership cards from various programs. Airline programs. Hotel programs. Rental car programs. Credit card programs. Dining programs. You name it and I probably have a card for it. One of the services that I find invaluable to keep this all organized is AwardWallet. Here are five things AwardWallet does that’ll make your life easier:

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My Two Favorite Ways To Prevent Miles And Points From Expiring

Earning points and miles to reach your travel goals is hard work. It doesn’t matter if you earn them through signing up for credit cards, flying on airplanes, staying in hotels or even if you write out and send in 188 postcards. All of these actions take time and effort. The last thing you want to happen is to have your account go inactive and your balances zeroed out.

Depending on the program, you’ll lose all your points if you don’t have any qualifying activity within a certain time frame that can vary from three years to just THREE MONTHS!! Using a website, such as AwardWallet, helps keep things organized so you know when points will expire. There will be times when you won’t have a flight on a particular airline or a stay at a specific hotel chain planned before your points will disappear. All is not lost though, because there are many other ways to keep your accounts active. Here are two of my favorite ways to have some account activity and keep from losing my points. Continue reading “My Two Favorite Ways To Prevent Miles And Points From Expiring”

How To Not Let Your Miles Expire (Like I Did)

I’m pretty obsessive about keeping track of my account balances. OK, I’m very obsessive about it [edit by Sharon: Yes. Yes, he is ;-)]. I’ve written about how I use the website AwardWallet to keep all of our accounts in line. If you haven’t signed up yet, here’s a referral link that I’d appreciate if you use (full disclosure: I get a bonus if you sign up with my referral link, which is always appreciated). One of the best functions of the website is they’ll send you an email alert when you have accounts that are about to go inactive. That is, except for when they don’t send an alert because they don’t know the account details – but that’s not their fault. Continue reading “How To Not Let Your Miles Expire (Like I Did)”

What You Get If You Sign Up For These Hotel Programs

Miles and points are two ways to improve the way you travel and getting a healthy balance of hotel points is a major part of that. Even if you don’t go out of your way to collect hotel points through other means, just getting points for the stays you pay for can eventually earn you enough for a night or two off on a future stay. That’s money you can use for something else on your trip.

We used our Starwood points for a room at the Great Northern Hotel in London – it’s just outside King’s Cross Station

Nothing in the miles and points world is free and keeping these points active does require work to make sure the points you have don’t expire.  However using a website like AwardWallet can help you keep track of all of your points and miles accounts.

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We’re Celebrating a YMMV Milestone With a SWEEPSTAKES!

It’s sweepstakes time!

Y’all may not be aware but Joe and I started a Facebook group in February of this year.

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 11.48.23 AM

Our goal of the group is to give our readers a chance to talk about their travels in a way that really can’t be done on a blog, as well as to have access to articles they may not see, and/or that we may not otherwise share. And so far it’s doing really well! So well, in fact, that in just about 3 months, we reached our first 1000 members (and have continued to grow since then, LOL!). So we’ve decided to celebrate by holding a sweepstakes!

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