How To Get A Cheap Rental Car

Choosing a rental car is not the most glamorous part of vacation planning. When we travel, it usually doesn’t matter what type of car we have. I’d like something not too small and with enough room for 2 suitcases, but besides that, a car is a car. Occasionally we do splurge, like when I got this Audi from Silvercar.


There’s a law of diminishing returns when it comes to travel planning. Putting in a little extra time into the trip can save you time, save you money or give you a better experience.  This is very true when renting a car.

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180 Reasons You Should Use AutoSlash For Every Car Rental

Sharon and I go to Texas a couple of time per year to visit Schlitterbahn water park in New Braunfels. As the Austin/San Antonio area has been growing significantly, prices of airfares and rental cars have also been increasing. Because of this, I’ll try to lock in a rental car as soon as I remember to. I do have a list of ways to book a cheap rental car, I’m now only doing one of those steps.

I go to

Just by putting in some information about my rental, I quickly receive an email back showing the best prices for my rental.

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AAA Membership Provides More Than Roadside Assistance – They Save You Money On Travel!

AAA. It’s a name synonymous with travel. Most people associate them with the roadside assistance they provide when you have car trouble. But they also provide many other services, some travel-related and others that seem to have nothing to do with automobiles.


For me, my first knowledge of AAA was their  TripTik®  maps. When we were going on a road trip, we’d tell AAA where we were going and they’d give us a road map with a route highlighted. For an obsessive planner, this was heaven. I remember looking at these things way before I could drive.


Times change and as you know, getting a map to your destination is now as easy as looking at your car’s GPS or pulling up an app on your phone.

Even though we no longer need the maps, I still have my membership and have no intention of getting rid of it. I use my AAA card for several other purposes:

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My Favorite Thing About AutoSlash Has Nothing To Do With Saving Money

If you’re not using AutoSlash when you rent a car, you should be. Their service has saved me hundreds of dollars on car rentals over the years. AutoSlash works on two levels. First, if you enter in your trip details, they’ll email you a list of the lowest prices they’ve found for your rental taking into account all of the discounts you’re eligible for. The second service they offer is tracking your rental and looking for a lower price. Once you’ve made a reservation, either through them or on your own, you enter the rental details into their website and they’ll email you if they find a lower price for your trip.

The cost of these services? They’re FREE!

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Why You Need To Keep Checking Prices On A Free Car Rental

When you try to book a car rental reward, you quickly learn that a free rental day does not mean your rental is going to be free. You’ll need to pay all of the taxes and fees associated with the rental, which can add up quickly if you’re renting a car from an airport location. Here’s a list of all the different taxes and fees associated with a single rental from Austin Airport.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 12.20.15 PM

While some of these fees are a set amount per day, others are based off the cost of your rental. Since I try to use my points to save money on what would otherwise be an expensive car rental, I’d like to avoid paying a large amount in taxes and fees if I can help it.

I was recently searching for a car for one of our upcoming trips and prices for a three day rental were, in my opinion, extraordinarily high:

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