What Can You Do When You Might Miss Your Connecting Flight?

It’s everyone’s travel nightmare. After making sure you get to the airport extra early because of the delays at check-in and security, you finally get to your gate and find a seat, preferably near a power plug (and not one of these). You hope there are no yelling children around, or adults talking with their phone on speaker. You start reading your book on your Kindle or watch some cute video of cats on your phone to pass the time. When it’s almost boarding time for your flight, there’s one small HUGE problem – there’s no plane at the gate. You think, “There’s no way we’re leaving on time, but if we were delayed, wouldn’t the airline tell us?” Well, not necessarily. 

The dread of knowing you only have 90 minutes to make your connecting flight and who knows how long you’re going to be delayed sets in. You’d stand at the counter to ask one of the employees, but you notice the line is already 15 people deep with fellow travelers who already had the same thoughts as you. If you’re waiting for the airline to let you know about a delay, you’re already WAY BEHIND THE CURVE. Continue reading “What Can You Do When You Might Miss Your Connecting Flight?”

Restaurant Review: One Flew South, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

When I booked our tickets to fly to Chattanooga, TN, the best-priced itinerary included a 3 & 1/2 hour layover in Atlanta. While most travelers would think of this as a major inconvenience, I only had one thing on my mind: I’d finally be able to eat at One Flew South.

I’ve been reading about this restaurant for a while. It has a great reputation with restaurant reviewers and travel bloggers alike and gets 4 1/2 Stars on Yelp!, with almost 1000 reviews to date. It’s also on several “Best of” lists, including the 10 Best Sushi in Atlanta and Best Airport Food in the World. One Flew South refers to itself as “the first upscale dining restaurant in the world’s busiest airport.” Those are pretty big shoes to fill so you may be able to see why I was looking forward to eating there. Remember, I’m partial to Cask & Larder, my hometown airport restaurant and One Flew South set a high bar to impress me.

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