How’s The Weather In…? (Finding Out The Weather For Your Travel Destination)

I’m on several message boards dedicated to travel and see a lot of people who initiate threads with, “How is the weather in [for example] Orlando in December?” Or “What’s the weather like in [for example] New York City right now?” My first thought it always, “I hope they have a weather app or know how to search for the weather.” Well, maybe they don’t :-). So in case you’re planning to travel and want a better idea of what weather you may encounter, read on…

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Good News From A Car Rental Company, Bad News From A Hotel Chain &, of course, “Naked Guy”

Happy Saturday friends and welcome to the weekend! Here’s a quick recap of the posts we wrote this week:

This week Joe wrote about:

And Sharon wrote about:

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HOORAY! The Newest Updates To The MyTSA App Makes It Actually USEFUL!

The MyTSA app has been around for about 7 years but it took a while for it to become, well, useful. But finally…FINALLY…it’s something you may want to consider downloading (if you hadn’t already), and actually start using. Here’s why:

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