This Might Be The Best AMEX Offer Ever

I’m a big fan of American Express’ AMEX Offers. If you have an American Express card, you can log in to your account online and see any number of offers available on your account. They may be for restaurants, hotels, online shopping or anything else you would pay for with your AMEX card. Taking advantage of these offers for “free money” or bonus points is one way you can recoup the cost of a card’s annual fee or the offers can even be money makers if you play your cards right. I’ve strategically used these offers in the past, like during our stay at a Hilton in Las Vegas or when I put in an order from Boxed. Recently, the offers on the AMEX site have been underwhelming so I haven’t bothered signing up for them. I’ll still look at the e-mails that AMEX sends me about the new offers and the one I received today stopped me in my tracks.

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Different Approaches of Credit Card Spending to Earn Miles & Points

If you collect miles and points by using your credit cards, knowing what cards to use for each type of purchase will maximize the points you’ll earn. However, making sure you have the right card with you at all times and staying up to date on the current bonus categories is a lot of work. If you’re the type of person who, like me, wants to maximize earnings on every purchase, you might need to carry at least 3-4 cards with you at all times. If you’re someone who, like Sharon, just wants to have one card for all of your purchases, you’ll want to make sure the card you are using is good for the majority of the things you buy. Looking at the cards that I have in my wallet compared to what cards Sharon carries can give you a glimpse into two different strategies for earning points and miles.

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