I Barely Avoided Making This Mistake When Booking An American Flight

We haven’t had the best luck when flying with on American Airlines. On our only trip this year, we were proactively offered a bump voucher to take a later flight. Then the flight we were put on instead was delayed and delayed and undelayed. The hassle was worth it because we each received a $400 voucher that was good for a year and all we needed to do was find a flight where we could use the credit.

Unfortunately for us, American Airlines doesn’t offer many non-stop flights from Orlando. There was one trip we could have flown with American but it was for a connecting flight and with their operational problems this year, we avoided them and booked with Frontier instead.

But now it’s approaching a year and we need to think about using our vouchers. I found flights for an upcoming trip that made sense and were the perfect price.

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Airline Boarding Groups: The Master List (Updated October 2019)

When you check-in for a flight, either by printing a boarding pass on your computer or by using a mobile device, you’re provided with a boarding group. This lets you know when you’ll be getting on the plane. Getting group 3 on one airline might be great but could be terrible for another airline.

Regardless of that number, just know you’re not getting on the plane when the boarding process starts unless you’re a super-elite frequent flyer or a disabled passenger in a wheelchair. The passengers with some sort of loyalty with the airline or one of their partners and the passengers who paid for first-class will go next. Why not stay seated until your group (or at least the one right before it is called) cause you’re gonna have a long wait just to have your ticket scanned and all you’re going to is stand on the jet bridge for a while before getting on the plane.

Just be patient and don’t be like the people in this video from JetBlue

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American Airlines Is At It Again, Offering Status To People For Nothing

At times I wonder what it might be like to be a loyal American Airlines flyer to see your airline of choice giving away the status you flew countless miles and spent a good chunk of money to acquire.

Last year American gave Sharon Platinum Pro status for a few months and while we didn’t fly with them enough to keep the status, I did take advantage of it to confirm seats for us in Main Cabin Extra, which made it seem that flying American could be tolerable.

Well, American is at it again. This time, I am the one with the targeted offer and American wants me to see what being a Platinum member is like.

I can’t help but think that giving away status is the only thing they have left going for them to get people to fly on their airline.

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Unpopular Opinion: Leaving Premium Seats Empty Has Never Made People Book Those Seats In The Future

I’ve never seen Sharon unwittingly walk into a tornado of comments like she did last week. Apparently her thoughts in her article United: The Airline That Proves They Just Have No “Effs” To Give were more controversial than she imagined they would be. The basis of the article was about United’s Twitter team response to a request of a passenger to upgrade to the empty rows of Economy Plus left empty in front of him.

What seemed to set everyone off what Sharon’s comment about how United could have instilled some goodwill to passengers by offering upgrades to the empty seats.

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