Be Careful, Flights Can Become Un-Delayed

Sharon and I have recently experienced this situation on two separate occasions, so I’m sharing it with everyone. Not knowing that this type of flight time change is possible can result in you missing your flight and needing to be rebooked on a later flight, hours to days later than you intended to travel.

What am I talking about when I say a flight can be un-delayed? Well, I’m sure there’s a more technically accurate term for this, but I’m not an expert, just a regular passenger. It’s easiest to explain by showing what happened to us on a recent flight from Orlando to New York – LaGuardia on American Airlines.

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New Travel Advisory For Citizens Of U.S., U.K. & Other Countries Going Overseas

Heads up, travel friends – the U.S. State Department has issued a new travel advisory that urges United States citizens to “exercise increased caution” when traveling to the Peoples’ China. Similar advisories are out for citizens of Algeria, Antarctica, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Myanmar, and the United Kingdom.

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New Travel Advisories For U.S. Travelers

Attention international travelers! Not long ago the Department of State updated how they share information with U.S. travelers and the improvements are said to provide U.S. citizens with, “clear, timely and reliable safety and security information worldwide.” Under the new system, every county in the world will have an individualized Travel Advisory number, which will provide levels of travel-related advice ranging from 1 to 4. The levels are:

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