How Do Airlines Determine Routes?

According to the FAA, as of June 2019, there are more than 44,000 flights every day. That’s more than 16 million flights per year.

Meanwhile, according to Forbes, as of February 2019, the most popular routes are between Kuala Lumpur & Singapore (30,187 flights per year), Hong Kong & Taipei (28,447 flights) and  Jakarta & Singapore (27,046) (if you’re curious when the U.S. gets listed in the top 20, it’s #7: 17,038 flights between New York LaGuardia & Toronto, #13: 14,195 between New York JFK & London Heathrow, and #18: 13,503 between Chicago O’Hare & Toronto).

Have you ever wondered how airlines decide what routes to take? I mean, do they just stick pins in big cities and say, “Those are the ones we’re going to fly between”? Or is it maybe a trial and error sort of thing? Or what?

It turns out airlines decide where to fly based on location, hubs, stopovers, passenger interest (both in the route and how much they’re willing to pay), info purchased from airline booking companies, competition from other airlines, and a whole lot more. Take a look…

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And in the flash of an eye, November is finished and welcome to December! Here are our most popular posts for November 2019. Some of them were actually written before November (heads up that rules and offers change and we can’t guarantee that those older ones are still accurate), so take a look to make sure you didn’t miss any of the good stuff:











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Social Media Outlets Warn, “Stop Printing Out Your Boarding Pass.” This Is What They Really Mean

A couple of online entities have recently posted warnings about printing out your boarding pass, as opposed to using electronic methods. I read the articles because although Joe prefers to have his boarding pass on his phone, I am still very much on team Print It Out And Have A Hard Copy With You. Anyway, in reading the posts, I discovered something very interesting…

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The Best And Worst U.S. Airports Of 2019

2019 is quickly coming to an end and if you’re reading this, chances are you’re already making your travel plans for 2020.

Some people base their plans on what airports they’ll go in and out of; not only in terms of destinations but also for stopovers. Not that you can always choose, but if your choices are six of one and half a dozen of the other and one airport is significantly better than the other, then why not?

Just in time to help you with your 2020 travel plans, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently ranked the best and worst U.S. Airports of 2019. This is the second year they’ve done such a ranking and this is the first year they’ve included scores for moderate-sized airports alongside large ones.

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Every Time We Agree We’re Not Going To Use CLEAR Anymore, Joe Finds Another Excuse To Renew It

After the TSA lines at MCO got so bad that even the Pre-Check line had a 10-minute wait ([sarcasm] OMG, TEN WHOLE MINUTES! [/sarcasm]), Joe looked into getting CLEAR. Around, on and off, since 2005, it’s a third-party vendor that allows you to check-in with them instead of the TSA officers.

Joe finally decided to enroll us later that year (2018) after he got a four-month subscription to CLEAR, along with a free family pass so I would have it for free, too.

It was…OK. It had its issues, though…

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