The Unofficial Rules Of Sitting In The Middle Seat Of A Plane

Invariably, we’re all going to get stuck in a middle seat every once in a while. It could be because you got a Basic Economy ticket. Or you booked late and middle seats are simply all that’s left. Or you’re with your partner and you graciously gave him/her the window/aisle seat. But eventually, it’s going to happen.

Sitting in the middle seat is a pain. You don’t get the benefits of having a window to look out of or immediate access to the aisle. But sitting in the middle seat gives you a few other unofficial rules and, thankfully, unofficial benefits. Like these:

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What Batteries Are Allowed On A Plane?

As we’ve become more technologically advanced, we’re using more and more gadgets that require batteries. Cell phones. Tablets. Laptop computers. Cameras. Handheld games. Digital scales. “Smart” luggage. Electric wheelchairs & scooters for mobility. E-cigarettes. Hearing aids. And the list goes on and on.

Meanwhile, these are some of the headlines you see if you Google BATTERY EXPLODED PLANE.

  • Portable battery explodes on Ryanair flight
  • Phone battery bursts into flames on flight
  • How planes can be brought down by a single battery

Scary, huh? Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

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Video: Hot Tempers At 35,000 Feet – Who Should Have Control Of The Window Shade On A Plane?

Way back when, windows and seats on planes were in alignment and each row of seats usually had one window per row on each side of the plane. That went out the proverbial window when airlines decided to squeeze as many people as possible into their planes. It makes for more rows, which, in turn, makes for a misaligned distribution of windows.

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 5.18.42 PM

You might have one window in your row, or possibly one and a half, or maybe only half of a window, and sometimes none at all.


So what happens when a window winds up being between two rows of seats and the person in front wants the window shade one way and the person in the back wants it another way?


Well, an argument about that very thing recently happened and, of course, someone videotaped it. Take a look:

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You Might Be A Travel Addict If…

Nearly 30 (Thirty? UGH!) years ago, comedian Jeff Foxworthy released a comedy album called, “You Might Be A Redneck If…” It peaked at #38 on Billboard. The album included a segment of examples of how you might be a redneck if you do these things. Here’s a TV spot with the routine from 1989:

Of course, the same thing goes for traveling…

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