Famous Last Words: “Hooray, I’m In Boarding Group One!”

I’ve already written a post about my disdain of the “cattle call” methodology of getting onto a plane. Oh sure, SouthWest and United have figured out ways to make it more bearable but for most of the other airlines, it’s still a matter of everyone standing by the gates, waiting for their group to be called. It sure can one LLLOOONNNGGG wait, though, even if you’re in Boarding Group 1, as the man in this video quickly discovered:
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Silver Airlines Fare Sale: $50 Off Round Trip Tickets!

Silver Airlines is in the midst of what they’re calling their biggest, boldest sale ever and if you have plans to travel between now and early 2018, you may find some of their best prices and perks ever for flights in and between Florida and the Bahamas.
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Airlines Made HOW MUCH Money On Extras Last Year???

If you’re old enough to remember the early 21st century (PLEASE tell me you are…), you’ll recall the U.S.-based airlines were in a heap of trouble right after 9/11, and again (or still) during the Great Recession of about 10 years ago, to the point where they eventually got some huge bail out money from the government in the hopes they could pull through. Well, apparently they did, as evidenced by the results of a new study that just came out which includes just how much money the major airlines pocketed in 2016.
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Flying? How To Not Be THAT Guy/Gal/Airline/Airport

As so many people have said in recent years, flying is generally not a pleasant experience for John Q. Public nowadays. Airlines have figured out how to get every penny out of you, and if you don’t cough up what they consider to be a decent amount, they’ll stick you with a middle seat. Planes are delayed and what’s usually considered perfectly acceptable carry on has to be gate checked because airline employees claim there’s no room left in the overhead space. Cabins are 100% full and good luck trying to get more than a pack of cookies or chips for free on that 4-hour flight.

With all the angst the airlines make for us, the least we can do is be considerate to our fellow travelers, don’t you think? Here’s a partial list of things we can do to help make each other’s experience with air travel a little more pleasant, as well as the simple things the airlines and/or airports can do to help the situation.

For Passengers

Using Up More Than One Seat In Pre-Boarding

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 11.10.46 PMOn a recent flight from Atlanta to Orlando, I counted 70 seats in the pre-boarding area. Seventy. This was for a flight on a 757-300 plane, which had 50 rows with 6 seats per row, so 300 people. 70 seats for 300 people. So of course, when Joe and I arrived at the gate 90 minutes before our flight, there was not even one set of 2 seats next to each other. Yet there were plenty of seats with peoples’ luggage on them, one person with empty seats on either side of her, etc. It took a “scanning the area, looking for an empty seat and giving a long look at the luggage on a seat, then at the woman sitting next to said luggage,” for her to finally say, “Would you like to sit down?” Why yes! Yes I would!

Now, I totally get it. When the seating area is empty, or almost empty, there’s a little more freedom in terms of sitting. But once you see there are more people standing than there are sitting, let your common sense kick into play. Move over so there are 2 seats next to each other. And for heaven’s sake, get your crap off the seat – that’s what the floor is for. Let someone sit down!


ManGuys, I know some of you have a thing for airing everything out but really, if your knees are wider than your chair, you’re just being selfish. And I don’t care who you are – if you’re manspreading and taking up 1/3 of my seat with your knees, I’m going to make sure to bang your knees with my bag, or worse, pretend to trip over them as I go to sit in my seat that was previously being used by the above woman’s luggage (true story!). Think of someone else and stay on your side of the invisible line between our seats, m’OK?

Taking Up Overhead Space

Overhead space comes at a premium. As it is, if you’re in Zone 2 or 3 on Delta, they’re going to ask you to gate check your roller-board carry on bag (even if it’s within their own 22″ x 14″ x 9″ guidelines), placing you at risk for them breaking something in your luggage. But don’t make it any more difficult for people by taking up valuable space with your jacket (put it on top of a bag, not next to it), a small bag that can just as easily fit under your feet, or putting a wide bag in sideways when it can fit straight in on its narrow end.

Where You Put Your Bag

Because 46B and C’s jackets and small bags took up so much space, there wasn’t any more room for 46A’s bag, so when he arrived, he put his stuff in the bin over 46DEFs’ seats. That meant 46E couldn’t fit her roller board in the seat above her when she arrived, so her bag went over 45DEF, which meant that…. You get my point. Keep your stuff in the space above you, and be aware of how you put stuff into the overhead.

Using deodorant

You’re squished in tight with 299 of your new best friends. Need I say more?

The Food You Bring On A Plane

Odors travel, folks. If you plan on eating mid-flight, maybe reconsider bringing that seafood, curry, garlicky anything, oniony anything, egg salad, or anything else that stinks onto the plane – there are many other options that are much less stinky. Oh, and the same goes for unending crunching.

Be Aware of Your Children

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 11.21.22 PMSome parents are great at keeping their children happy, occupied and well-behaved when on a flight. Other parents, not so much. I remember my mother’s response to a kid directly behind her going back and forth between kicking her chair and continually putting the tray table up and down. She’d hold it together for a while and when she just couldn’t stand it anymore, when she got yet another kick to the lower back area, she’d loudly say, “Ouch! Will you stop kicking my chair, please?” Not the most socially appropriate reaction but do you know what? Invariably, it worked. Don’t be the parent of that child – be aware of what (s)he doing and limit set as needed before an annoyed senior citizen embarrasses your parenting style.

For Airlines (and/or Airports)

You guys have already taken nearly all enjoyment out of flying by judging everything on the almighty dollar. For passengers in Coach, actual meals on the plane went the way of the dodo, real utensils are gone in the name of safety, and we won’t even get into the smaller seats and nickel & diming us for just about everything. There are a few areas where it would be SO EASY to make things more convenient and safe…and they don’t even have to do with the actual planes!

Have Enough Seating In The Terminal

As mentioned above, there were 70 seats in the terminal for 300 passengers. Granted, 300 is a lot, but even a typical smaller plane is going to hold well over 100 or even 150 passengers. And yet you have just 70 seats. Why is this OK?

Have Enough Plugs In The Terminal

I’m grateful some of the more modern planes have plugs for all of their passengers, not just those in First Class. But when a plane is delayed and you want to make sure your phone doesn’t run out of power, it sure would be nice to have more than 4 outlets in a waiting area with 70 seats that will need to accommodate 300 people. It would also save the worry of someone tripping over this wire:

Photo Aug 27, 3 42 11 PM
By the way, that’s Mr. Manspread’s knee in the foreground.

Figure Out A System To Load Passengers Onto The Plane In An Organized Fashion

This doesn’t go for every airline, since some (SouthWest and United come to mind first), thankfully, have systems to line their passengers up before loading so not everyone stands 10 to 20 feet away from the entry to the plane, waiting for their group or row number to be called. Delta and JetBlue, it’s the 21st century…if you have people who can figure out how to squish 300 seats onto a plane, you can figure out how to load us onto it in a more orderly fashion. It’s time to get on the ball.

I’m sure there are plenty of other things passengers and airlines can do to make flights more pleasant – what did I miss?

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Make Sure You Get All Your Points

There are many things you can do to earn points and miles. Most commonly these are flying on a plane, staying at a hotel or renting a car and it’s up to you to make sure you get credit for all of these activities. Following these tips below will help make sure that you get credit for all the points you deserve:

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How To Find Cheap Airfare

We’ve seen several people who have mentioned looking for advice to find cheap airfare, so we knew it was a topic we needed to address. Not knowing exactly how to start this post, I did what most people would do when asking the question, “How do I find cheap airfare?” I asked the interwebs.

The first few hits were from Online Travel Agencies like Expedia and Kayak. Not exactly what I was looking for. The next few hits were articles, so I checked out what they had to say and I found the same tips on several of these websites:

  • Be flexible with your travel dates
  • Be flexible about where you want to go
  • Fly budget airlines

Nope, nope and nope. So much for that approach.

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Our Weekly Recap: 7/9/17 – 7/15/17

Hi y’all and welcome to the weekend! Here’s a quick recap of our posts this week:

Joe wrote about:

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