That Time When There Was A Problem On My Flight & The Airline Was WONDERFUL About It!

Reflecting back on 2016’s “Forcibly Remove A Seated Passenger From A Plane So A Staff Member Could Have The Seat” situation with United Airlines, on top of the previous “#Leggingsgate” situation with United Airlines made me think back to a time, not really all that long ago, when passengers weren’t made to feel like profitable cattle with no rights, and when, if something happened that was out of the ordinary and potentially inconveniencing, the airline did everything they could to keep you comfortable and, even if you were not truly happy, at least you knew they had tried their best.

ContinentalPlaneIn April 1998, I was still living in Staten Island, NY and was going down to Walt Disney World about 6 times per year – usually for long weekends, but occasionally for a whole week at a time. Newark Airport was my airport of choice to fly down to Orlando and I would usually fly via Continental Airlines or Delta. The week before Easter of 1998, I took a long weekend trip and Continental was my carrier.

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Delta Wants You To Learn Their Color Palette, So They’re Changing Their Boarding Process

The seemingly easy procedure of getting passengers onto a plane is one part of the flying experience that airlines seem to be endlessly tinkering with. Whether it’s a desire to load planes just a little faster or sort passengers based on how many bags they can bring, there’s always something that can be changed.

Delta recently announced they will be changing their boarding process, again, starting with flights on January 23, 2019. I’d bet unless you’re a frequent flyer, you’d never notice.

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The Most Honest Airline You’ll Never See

When you see a commercial for a product or service – doesn’t matter what it is – they make it sound so wonderful and like it’s going to be such an awesome experience from beginning to end. You know the kinds I mean…the ones for places like dentist offices and used car dealerships. With big smiles and empty suggestions of pain-free everything…mouths, wallets, whatever. Yeah, they drive me nuts.

Anyway, I recently came across this commercial for the most honest airline ever. Unfortunately, it’s not a real company. But they took all the issues of a real airline, added some saccharine sweetness and Disney friendliness to it and, well, the intentional irony of it just made me smile. Maybe it’ll make you smile, too.

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An Airline That Allows You to Book Flights Anonymously?!?!

Suppose you want to take a trip and you know you’re going to go with family/friends/co-workers but you don’t know who yet. That normally makes things difficult because the airlines typically want the names of everyone who will be traveling when you make the reservation. But Wizz Air now makes it possible for you to make a reservation for you and up to 9 “eventually to be named but currently anonymous” passengers.

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Allegiant Introducing 9 Nonstop Routes To/From Florida

Allegiant Air announced today that they are expanding its service out of Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (SRQ) to include nine new year-round destinations. To date, it’s one of the airline’s largest expansions out of a single airport.

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