How To Get Through X-Ray or TSA Pre-Check As Quickly & Easily As Possible (Updated May, 2019)

We all know the process of getting through X-ray has become something of a time consuming organized chaos in the past several years. In fact, I’d put it up towards the top of the more stressful parts of air travel, up there with delays and the actual flight. Getting approved for TSA Pre® , Global Entry or CLEAR does help tremendously, but even then, there are people who are not super familiar with the modern-day process of going through X-ray, with or without those ways to get through the line faster, simply because they don’t fly very often, and sometimes that unfamiliarity can cause the line to snag even more.

For those of you who don’t fly often, or who knows anyone who doesn’t, here’s a list that might help:

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Using Travel To Connect With Friends & Family

Everyone travels for a different reason. Some people have to travel for their job, others want to explore the wonders of the world, and others just want to find a secluded place to relax. Whatever your reason(s) may be, I suggest you build some time into your trips to make personal connections with people you care about. Sharon and I make time to visit with friends or family during our trips and when I started thinking more about it, I realized this was not a new thing for us, but it has been a part of the way we travel for a while now.

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Ten Things You Should Do Before You Go Out Of Town

When you’re traveling for any amount of time, you have a lot of thing to remember before you go away. What to bring and what not to. All your prescription and over the counter medications. All your electronics and the stuff to ensure you don’t fry them. And the list goes on and on.

There are also some things you should do that may not be utmost in your mind when you’re getting ready to go out of town. Here are a bunch of them:

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How To Sleep Better On Long Flights

There are some lucky souls who can sleep just about anywhere, including on planes. And then there are the rest of us.

When you’re on a long haul flight, having a first- or business-class seat to actually lie flat (or sorta flat) in is REALLY helpful with getting to sleep. But again, most of us are not that lucky, at least a whole lot of the time. So for the rest of us, here are some things and ways to help bring that sleep on when on long plane journeys:

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DL & WDW Disney Cast Members Speak Out (Part 2): How To Have The Best Disney Experience Possible

Not long ago, we posted a blog article about “How To Be A Good Guest.” This is Part 2.

Vacations to Disneyland (DL) and Walt Disney World (WDW) are meant to be special and they usually are. A lot of what makes those times special are the Cast Members (Disneyspeak for “employees”) who do everything and work everywhere – hotels, attractions, housekeeping (they call it Mousekeeping, LOL!), internal transportation, custodial services, guest services, entertainment, food & beverage, reservations, photographers, plus many, many more areas. That’s on top of all the Cast Members (CMs) who do stuff behind the scenes that you may not even know about.

Joe and I have been Disney fans for pretty much our whole lives (and that’s a LONG time, people!) and know a lot of CMs and former CMs who work or have worked at Disneyland and Walt Disney World (and sometimes one and then the other!). And just as we’ve sometimes heard Disney Guests (Disneyspeak for “customers”) say how they wished things could be different with this or that at DL or WDW, we’ve occasionally hear our CM friends and acquaintances mention ways they wished some situations could be better, as well. It got us to thinking, “We know what makes a good CM but what makes a good Guest? What can Guests do to make their visit to Disney, and the CMs’ job more positive experiences?” So we asked them:

If you could tell Guests anything you wanted that would make their vacation and your job better, all at the same time, what would you tell them?

Here’s what they had to say.

Note: Due to the nature of this post, our main goal was to keep our friends’ and acquaintances’ anonymity intact. We had them respond to us via personal conversations, private messages and emails so what they each said was not where the general public could see or hear them. We purposely are not including gender or which Disney park(s) these people work(ed) in, and we are intentionally keeping the areas/departments where they work(ed) very broad, and even changing the name of the department at times, so it’s more vague. Obviously, a few categories make it obvious about which coast they work(ed) on, i.e. save for a few attractions, there are no “Watercraft” at Disneyland, but even then, there are several different kinds of boats at WDW so our friend(s) who work(ed) on WDW watercraft will still be safely anonymous, as well. Also, these may or not be the CMs’ exact words; although the reasoning behind them are still 100% what the CM wanted to convey, some things may have been slightly edited (the CMs were aware we reserved the right to do this when transcribing for this article).

Here we go…

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