Why Do Rental Car Companies Charge For Extra Drivers? And Do You Always Have To Pay It?

You’ve gotten a sweet deal on a rental car (hopefully because you’ve read this article). You’ve figured out how much your toll charges are going to be, and you’re prepared because you know what you need to do about the insurance. You even know how to pay for your rental car by using your debit card. You get to the car rental desk and BOOM, you’re stuck with a daily fee so your spouse or friend can be an extra driver.

What’s up with that? And moreso, is there any way to avoid it? Funny you should ask…

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Save Money On Every Fill Up With Fuel Rewards

Fuel Rewards is a program that provides discounts at Shell gas stations. It’s free to sign up and everyone who joins automatically gets some type of savings. You can save more by taking certain actions (i.e. using a shopping portal or dining program) or by having a card belonging to one of their partners.

Let’s first talk about signing up for Fuel Rewards.

If you’re not already a member, you can get 25 cents off per gallon on your first fill up after joining. We have a referral link where we’ll also get a credit for for new signups. You want to support YMMV, don’t you?

Once a member, you have automatic gold status for 6 months. The ongoing membership process is a little more difficult to follow:

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Save Money With AAA When Filling Up Your Tank

I recently received an email from AAA letting me know that I can now save five cents per gallon when filling up at a Shell station with their Fuel Rewards program. This is another way AAA is more than just roadside assistance.

I’ve been using Fuel Rewards for discounts at my local Shell station for at least two years. If you haven’t signed up for Fuel Rewards, why not? It’s free! I know this isn’t true everywhere, but the prices at Shell stations near me are comparable with other stations (except Costco and BJ’s). Up until now, I was saving six cents per gallon because of IHG’s relationship with Fuel Rewards, You saved more money the higher IHG level you were and the IHG Select card provided automatic Platinum status.

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Is It Worth It To Book An Advance Purchase Rate At A Hotel?

We’ve booked our fair share of hotels over the years and always have to decide if we want to reserve the Advance Purchase rate or the best refundable rate. Hotels offer a lower price if you’re willing to pay for the entire stay up front but is it worth the savings to pay for your stay in advance?

Unlike having to pay for your train, plane or cruise ship ticket ahead of time, you’re able to pay for other travel expenses, like a hotel room, when you’re finished with your stay. It didn’t take long for hotel companies to figure out that people weren’t showing up for their reservations so hotels now give an incentive to pay ahead of time for your room, in the form of a lower price.

Let’s look at an example and see if it’s worth the cost savings to pre-pay for a hotel room…

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Where To Get The Best Price On Universal Orlando Tickets

If you live in the U.S., admission tickets to Universal Orlando Resort theme parks are expensive. You can save money, a lot of money in fact, if you do some work ahead of time to find whatever discounts you can. Since you’re reading this article, you’re already on your way to finding cheaper tickets. Congratulations!

I checked out prices from websites offering discounts to see where the cheapest tickets were hiding. Turns out, the prices at one website were consistently lower than everywhere else.

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