How to NOT Pay for TSA Pre✓®, Spirit Airlines Partnering With Disney, Stranger Things Themed Hotel Room, & More…

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Spirit Airlines Working With Disney To Improve Its Customer Service

Spirit Airlines, the low cost air carrier that so many people love to hate, has apparently decided their reputation is getting in the way of gathering even more profits (they already report some of the biggest profit margins of any airline in the country because of their charging practices), so they’ve turned to one of the most customer satisfaction-oriented companies in the world to help them with their problem of customer service.


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Hotel Review: Bright Angel Lodge Cabin – Grand Canyon, AZ

Staying at the Grand Canyon was one of the things we really wanted to do as part of our trip to the American Southwest. When I went to book a stay at the Grand Canyon, I wasn’t able to get a room at our first choice of hotels, the El Tovar. Luckily, when I checked for a reservation I was able to piece together our stay between two different rooms. The first two nights were spent in the Thunderbird Lodge. While the location was great, the rooms were rather uninspiring. The last night I was able to snag a cabin at Bright Angel Lodge. What a difference that made!

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“Stranger Things” Themed Hotel Room Unveiled in NYC Hotel

Are you a fan of Stranger Things? Are you a really big fan? Because if you are, a hotel in midtown Manhattan has the most perfect Stranger Things themed room ever, all ready for you!

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I’ve Seen A LOT of Hotel Pools But This Was The Best One Ever

Over the years we’ve stayed in our share of hotels, from the ultra luxurious to the really cheap. One thing about any hotel that usually fails to impress me is the pool. I get that the pool is the main thing some guests think about but I just don’t get the appeal. You’ll never hear me say “Wow, that hotel pool was amazing.” That is, until this last weekend.

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TSA Pre-Check Is Great, But Please Don’t Use Your Points To Pay For It

If you have travels coming up, I sure hope you have TSA Pre®. If you don’t, why not? It’s one of the easiest ways to help make travel less stressful. I’ve written about the ways you can enroll in the program in this post. I just ask one favor, when you apply,  PLEASE DON’T USE POINTS TO PAY FOR THE APPLICATION FEE.

Thank You.

Here’s why…

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COOL EVENT ALERT! Our Dinner At The Pan Am Experience

I had written a while back that we had gotten tickets for the Pan Am Experience, an event where you relive the magic of flying onboard a luxurious Pan Am 747, complete with full meal service. We had made the reservation back in May (it’s very limited seating on a first-come, first-served basis. I’m really good at snagging those) and, truth be told, part of our vacation to the southwest was planned around attending the event. Well, that and seeing Hamilton (for the 5th time. Don’t hate me). It was a LONG 6 months, but October 21 finally rolled around and we were on our way!

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