The Best Name For A Ferry, EVER!

I grew up in Staten Island, NY and so, of course, the Staten Island Ferry is near and dear to my heart. Most of the ferries are named after famous Staten Island people or towns, or those who served political office  such as Alice Austen (a photographer who also introduced tennis to the United States.), John F. Kennedy and Samuel I. Newhouse (the Staten Island Advance’s [S.I.’s daily newspaper] publisher from 1922 to 1979). But other vessels around the world are sometimes named a different way.

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An Easy Way To Get 300 Bonus Stars from Starbucks (That’s Enough For 2 Free Items!)

I’m a Starbucks person. I love drinking my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season (but only when the temperature drops below 60F.). When I’m working a morning shift, a stop at the Starbucks for a coffee and breakfast sandwich is going to happen. The baristas even left me a note on my coffee on the last day before I changed work locations.

So when Starbucks is willing to give away 300 stars in the Starbucks Rewards program, they have my attention. Since you can redeem 125 stars for a free drink or food item, this offer is like getting $10 – $20 back. Unlike some of their recent promotions that wanted me to change my behavior (Like the one that was offering me 50 stars if I stopped in on a weekday between 2-5PM for 5 days in a row. Yeah, not gonna happen), this one is rewarding me for something I’m going to do anyway.

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Why You Should Keep Your Sapphire Preferred Card

The $95 annual fee was due for Sharon’s Chase Sapphire Preferred card. That’s the time each year when I think about the card’s benefits vs. the cost and if I should keep, downgrade or cancel it. After giving it some thought, I decided that we’d keep the card but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t try to get a retention offer from Chase.

I had Sharon call (she hates these calls so I try to not to make her do them often) and she was told by a representative that there were no offers available for us right now. As per the notes I gave Sharon, she thanked them for looking and said that we could keep the card for now.

Chase Sapphire Preferred

The Sapphire Preferred is a good card for $95 but we hardly use it anymore now that I have the Sapphire Reserve. I was updating the annual fee spreadsheet and gave one more look at deciding if I wanted to keep the card or not. Continue reading “Why You Should Keep Your Sapphire Preferred Card”

Been On A Plane With Annoying People? Bet You’ll Appreciate This Website!

Whether you fly once a week or once every few years, chances are you’ve experienced or at least seen “that guy” or “that gal” on the plane who doesn’t think about anyone but him/herself and his/her own needs. The ones directly behind you who stretch their legs and rest their bare feet on your arm rest. The ones who manspread. The ones who keep spitting their chewing tobacco into a Gatorade bottle (that one happened to me earlier this year. Eww.). Not surprisingly, there’s a website with a bajillion pictures of people caught in various acts of being jerks on a plane.
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Hotel Review: Thunderbird Lodge, Grand Canyon, Arizona

Visiting the Grand Canyon was one of the “anchor” stops during our trip through the American Southwest. We’ve visited the Grand Canyon twice before, once as a day trip from Las Vegas and the other time as part of an Adventures by Disney tour. The last trip was 10 years ago and we decided if we ever went back, we’d do it right.

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Traveling The World, One Photobomb At A Time

My name is Sharon and I am a habitual photobomber. I hung out at the Adventurers Club, an interactive comedy club at WDW’s now-defunct Pleasure Island (nowadays the whole area is part of the “Disney Springs” shopping and dining district) for about 16 years and managed to photobomb literally hundreds and hundreds of people taking pictures inside the much-loved attraction. I’ve only found one online so far:
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Can You Relive Vacation Memories Of Your Past?

I’ve gotten to that point in my life where I’m starting to reminisce about places I’ve been before. I have fond memories that make me want to go and visit those places again but is that really a good idea?  I’m not the same person I was when I went to these places, some of which I last visited as a child or teenager. I know I have a different perspective now than I did back then.

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