I Never Thought Money Expired. I Was Wrong

Way back when I thought my first visit to a country would be my last visit (because trips are expensive and I have so many places to go and yadda yadda yadda), I would try and spend every last cent, pence, franc or yen before I left for home. No sense in bringing currency back with me that I wouldn’t have any use for.

It’s only been within the last five years or so that I’ve started to keep whatever left over cash I had when going home. I’ll have a need again for euros, yen and particularly pounds. Having money when I step off the plane means I’m not searching for an ATM as the first thing I need to do.

So when packing for my trip to London, I brought my Ziploc bag-o-pounds with me.

I even bragged about it on Facebook:

On our way. I’ll finally be able to spend those GBP that have been sitting in my drawer since our last trip.

To which one of my Anglophile friends commented:

Unless they were pound coins


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What’s Up With Plastic Wrapping On Luggage?

We’ve all seen it at the airport, albeit more often overseas than in the U.S. – suitcases that have been wrapped in layer up on layer of plastic wrapping. Even wonder about it? Why it’s done? Do they do it at home? At the airport? Somewhere else? How much is it?

We found out.

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Flying JetBlue From NYC? No More Lounge Access For You

One of things that made flying to/from New York on JetBlue so nice was if you had an American Express Platinum card, you had access to an airport lounge regardless of whether you flew out of JFK, LaGuardia or Newark airport. If you had a Priority Pass card from any of the different sources available to get a membership, you could also use a lounge at Newark airport.

Due to a series of unfortunate events, you no longer have easy access to a lounge from JetBlue gates at any of the New York Airports.

Here’s a breakdown of what happened:

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YMMV Travel Deals & Discounts: Tuesday, March 19, 2019

When we see travel deals, we always want to spread the word. So as we see them, we make sure to let you know. They run the gamut from hotels to flights to points to miles to car rentals and even stuff you need while you’ll traveling, like equipment, Uber discounts, theme park tickets, food for when you’re on the road, etc.

Heads up that some of these deals might be really limited in time or amount, or some could go on for days or longer. Some deals might be good for some people and not so much for others. There may be better deals out there and we just don’t know about them. We take no responsibility for any transaction you may or may not do; we’re just telling you what’s we’ve seen that’s out there at that very moment and it’s up to you to decide if it’s something useful, beneficial and worth it for you, and if you can take advantage of it before it’s too late. We take no responsibility for deals that are pulled before the “deal ends” date.

Here’s what’s out there right now:

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On The Plane: The Different Styles Of Those Who Recline & Those Who Get Reclined On

Sitting in a tin can with less and less room with each new type of plane means that personal space is a precious commodity. We’ve already written about manspreaders on planes and what to do about them in “How To Stop A Manspreader On A Plane In Three Easy Steps”, but reclining seats “behind the curtain” of first and business class add a whole new level of encroaching on others.

After hundreds of hours of observation over the years, we’ve been able to categorize not only the various types of flyers who recline their seats, but also those behind them.

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