YMMV Travel Contests & Sweepstakes: January 19, 2019

Happy Saturday, travel friends! This weekly list will include travel-related contests and sweepstakes we’ve found. Eligibility will vary and it’s up to you to determine if you’re eligible, as well as to enter. Good luck!

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There’s No Holy Grail And Chase Just Proved It

Very few topics get the attention afforded to the Southwest Companion Pass. You could spend a lifetime reading the 14.5 million web pages about it just from a Google search.

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 10.08.43 AM

I was one of the people reading these posts that told me about how the Companion Pass was the be all and end all of the travel savings. Having the pass lets you fly on Southwest for half price. You could take twice as many trips as you did before and not pay any more money. Or if you had Southwest Rapid Rewards points, you’d only be spending for one ticket and the other one was free.

I fell for this line and decided that I was going to do whatever what I needed to in order to get one of these passes. After six months of trying and some false starts, I finally had the pass and 14 months to use it.

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The Best/Fastest Way To Load A Plane

How planes board their passengers is a big deal in the world of aviation. After all, for the airlines, speed is what counts the most; the faster you get the plane loaded = the sooner you can take off = the better the chance of your being on time or maybe even early.

Different airlines have tried different techniques, but which one works best?

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What Is The Southwest Airlines Companion Pass?

Southwest is one of our favorite airlines and we’re not alone. They have a business model that’s easy to understand. They don’t charge for you to bring a bag on the plane and you also get two free checked bags per passenger. Southwest planes only have one class of service so there’s no paying extra to get a seat in the extra legroom section and no first class to upgrade into.

Not to be left behind the other carriers who throw perks at the business travelers as thanks for their loyalty, Southwest tries their best to compete but there’s only so much they can offer. The after 25 flights in a year you become an A-List member which allows you stand-by for an earlier flight for free and provides priority boarding, meaning you get a spot at the beginning of the A boarding group and are the first one to pick whatever seat you want on the plane (exit row, bulkhead). After 50 flights, you are A-List Preferred and now can get free WiFi. But Southwest saves their best perk for those who fly with them the most often… Continue reading “What Is The Southwest Airlines Companion Pass?”

IHG Delays Unannounced Changes To Free Hotel Night Pricing

I wrote at the beginning of January about how IHG’s yearly adjustment of the number of points needed to redeem a free night at close to 700 of their hotels would take effect on January 14th. Not that anyone would know because IHG doesn’t announce these changes any more than publishing the list of hotels changing in value to the Priority Club website.

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