Our Favorite Way to See A Key West Sunset

When you go to certain locations, especially when you’re on vacation, it’s a given that you’ll do some specific things. If you’re at Disney theme park, you have a list of attractions that you HAVE to go on. If you’re visiting Hollywood, I’m sure you’ll look for the big HOLLYWOOD sign up in the hills. If you visit New York City, you’ll want to go to Times Square or eat a slice of pizza. And if you go to Key West, you’re going to want to see a sunset.

There are plenty of ways to see a Key West sunset for free…Mallory Square is a good example. But sometimes you want to do something that’s one step further; maybe a little more quiet and/or romantic, or includes some wine and munchies, or is just a little different, or…
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Best Award Flight Ever, Theme Park Parking Raised 50%, Don’t Mess With Sharon, & More…

HOORAY for the weekend! Happy Saturday, y’all! Here’s a recap of what we wrote on YMMV this week. From great travel deals to what we’ve written to what others wrote that we really liked and wanted to share, it’s all here, in one convenient place!

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Some of The Most Ridiculous Travel Complaints Ever

At some point in our lives, we have all made some sort of mistake when it comes to travel. Joe once miscalculated when we would get to our ryokan in a remote town in Japan and it made the staff rush and give us all of our dinner at once, which is just not how it’s DONE in Japan.

But sometimes….SOMETIMES…the mistakes we make are totally inconceivable. Regardless, whether they’re from naivete, not doing your homework, a sense of self-centered entitlement (that’s a biggie), a mixture of all three, or maybe something else entirely, a mistake is a mistake. And when we make a complaint because of our own mistakes, although I’m sure it’s a very serious situation in the mind of the complainer at the time, well, in retrospect, let me know if you smiled (or rolled your eyes) at some of these as much as I did 🙂

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The Fable of Finnair’s Final Friday the 13th Flight

It’s Friday the 13th, y’all! Hey, did you ever hear of the ULTIMATE Friday the 13th event that an airline pulled? It’s really creative and well done :-). Check this out…

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Avoid This Foreign Currency Ripoff At All Costs

When you’re traveling outside of your home country, figuring out how much things cost in relation to your home currency can be difficult. You need to know the current conversion rate between the two currencies and then apply that to the purchase price. Sometimes you can eyeball the price when it’s a simple ratio. US Dollars to Japanese yen is usually somewhere around 1:100:

Screenshot 2018-07-12 19.23.01

If I was buying something that cost 1000 Yen, I’d know that’s about $10 or a little less. Things get a little more tricky when traveling to the United Kingdom.

Screenshot 2018-07-12 19.27.37

If you’d see something that costs £100, it also costs $132 USD. So just think that everything is 30% more expensive than it appears to be and you’ll be fine.

What about my dad who’s going to Thailand. One US dollar equals 33 Thai Baht. Try doing that math in your head all the time.

Screenshot 2018-07-12 19.33.09

Imagine if your hotel, or restaurant or gift shop offered, when you handed them a credit card, if you would like to pay for this in local currency or your home currency? If you’re tired of doing math, I’d bet you’d jump at the chance to pay the amount in your local money, right?


However, If you ever get this question, ALWAYS PAY IN LOCAL CURRENCY!!!

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YMMV Travel Deals: Fri., July 13, 2018

When we see travel deals, we always want to spread the word. So as we see them, we make sure to let you know. They run the gamut from hotels to flights to points to miles to car rentals and even stuff you need while you’ll traveling, like equipment, Uber discounts, theme park tickets, food for when you’re on the road, etc.

Heads up that some of these deals might be really limited in time or amount, or some could go on for days or longer. Some deals might be good for some people and not so much for others. There may be better deals out there and we just don’t know about them. We take no responsibility for any transaction you may or may not do; we’re just telling you what’s we’ve seen that’s out there at that very moment and it’s up to you to decide if it’s something useful, beneficial and worth it for you, and if you can take advantage of it before it’s too late.

Here’s what’s out there today:

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Did SeaWorld Orlando’s Parking Fee Just Go Up By Nearly 50%? Yes. Sometimes.

Now this is an interesting new spin on pricing.

For a while now, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios have been playing with the price of park passes so they’re more expensive on more popular days; they call it “dynamic” pricing. SeaWorld Orlando has apparently decided to join the dynamic pricing game and pocket a little (or a lot!) extra money and, depending on the day, charge varying amounts for PARKING.

Yep, parking. Here’s what they’re doing.

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