Humorously Translating The English Of The U.K. and The U.S.

You would think that two countries who are such close allies, whose residents travel back and forth between the two said countries ALL THE TIME, and who speak the same language would be better able to communicate, right? But when it comes to the England (well, moreso the entire United Kingdom) and the United States, nope, that’s not necessarily the case.

One of my closest friends, Pippa, lives on the southern coast of England. She and her husband, Pete (BTW, Pippa & Pete just celebrated their 2nd anniversary, y’all!), come to the U.S. about once a year, and Joe and I do our best to hang out with them a couple of times during their (usually) 2-week vacation. OK, OK….holiday. Because there’s a prime example. WE call it a “vacation,” but THEY call it a “holiday.” Really? REALLY? (Female) P. and I have had LOTS of conversations about what she calls this and what I call that and why can’t our two countries, who speak the same frickin’ language, call the same thing by the same word??? But until they do (and let’s face it – it ain’t gonna happen), laughing at the differences never gets old. As this video plainly shows…

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How To Kill Time In An Airport (And Not Spend Money – Or At Least Not Much)

Whether you happened to get to the early super early, have an ultra long layover, or are “stranded” until whatever is wrong can be fixed, being stuck at an airport is not a whole lot of fun. Of course, if you have access to a club lounge (or if you don’t, you might still be able to get into one), it will make your time more comfortable. But if not, well, even if you kill some time by shopping, eating and drinking, eventually your’e going to want some other things to keep you busy. How about these?

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I Finished My IHG Tasks And Received My Reward

One of the most interesting promotions in the world of points and miles is IHG Accelerate. In order to receive you bonus, you need to complete a number of tasks that seem to be somewhat related to your prior history with IHG. For instance, if you only stay at Holiday Inn Express hotels, you may get a task to stay at three different IHG brands. If you have an IHG credit card, you might need to use it to pay for a stay. IMHO, it’s one of the smartest promotions our there. It reinforces your prior activities and rewards you for changing your routine. Brilliant marketing scheme.

The Accelerate promo is also wonderful because it allows you to try to figure out the best way to complete your tasks with the least amount of effort possible. That’s exactly what I did for the current promotion.

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A Guide To Every Disney Character Meal In The U.S.A. (WDW, DL & Aulani) (Updated 08/18)

The first time I ever went to a character meal at a Disney park was Walt Disney World, in February 1979. At the time, WDW had 1 park, 2 hotels, a shopping area and a campground. That’s it. I know we went to Minnie‚Äôs Menehune Breakfast at the Polynesian during that trip but still and all, character dining options were pretty limited. Although I didn’t make it to Disneyland until the mid-1990s, I know the same story hold true; it was years before there was a variety of character meals to choose from.

Prince CharmingTimes have changed since then and there are nearly 20 character dining options at WDW alone, to the point that if you have a particular character you want to have breakfast with, you practically can (*cough* especially if you want to eat with princesses or one or more of the Fab Five *cough*).

Here are the current character meals available at Disneyland (California), Walt Disney World (Florida) and Aulani Resort (Hawaii). Please note that although there are other meals that have characters at times (i.e. “Be Our Guest”), Disney does not include them as “character meals” on their websites, therefore neither have we on this page ;-). Remember that all character appearances are subject to change.

(List updated 07/1/18)

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Easy Way To Earn 1000 Bonus Ultimate Rewards Points (If You’re Lucky)

If you are lucky enough to be targeted for this offer and can take advantage of it, you’ll earn an easy 1,000 Ultimate Rewards points.

Last week, many Chase cardholders were reporting that they received an email offering 1,000 bonus points after making five payments with Apple Pay. So if you received one of these emails AND have an iPhone (or Apple Watch), it would only take five payments (of any value) in April to earn the points. You don’t even have to sign up for the offer; it’s automatically active for those who were targeted.

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