More Reasons To Be Wary About Airbnbs

We’ve suggested that people be cautious about Airbnb for a while now. There’ve just been too many stories about hidden, undisclosed cameras, as well as various other tales about/for potential Airbnb guests and hosts that make us very hesitant about using Airbnb.

Unfortunately, it looks like the posts we’ve done only scratched the surface.

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The Daredevil Superfans Who Snuck Inside An EPCOT Attraction To Explore & Document It Before It Was Destroyed

With time comes change, and there’s no greater example of this than at Disney parks. In fact, Walt Disney himself was said to say, “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.”

Growth can sometimes be a whole new park, or a new land within a park. But sometimes that change is in the form of tearing one attraction down to make room for another. At Walt Disney World, attractions such as The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh replaced Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Journey Into Your Imagination With Figment replaced Journey Into Your Imagination (which replaced the original Journey Into Imagination – we wrote about that whole hot mess in this post), and an entire nightclub complex, Pleasure Island, was “reimagined” into the current Disney Springs shopping district (granted, work on Disney Springs didn’t even start in earnest until about half a decade after they closed Pleasure Island but let’s save that for another blog post).

Horizons was a dark ride attraction at Epcot that opened in 1983, closed in 1994, reopened in 1995 while Test Track was being built and Universe of Energy was under renovation, and closed again, this time for good, in 1999. It was demolished in mid-2000 to make way for the current Mission: SPACE attraction. Horizons had something of a cult following and to this day, there’s lament of the loss of what some think is the best attraction ever seen in the history of Epcot.

PC: Sam Howzit/Flickr

When Disney attractions close, there’s historically no official documentation, at least not that fans ever get to see. Two young adults in Florida who loved Horizons decided to change that…

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What’s The Real Reason Why Disney Parks Take Your Fingerprint? And What Do They Do With It?

Disneyland and Walt Disney World have been using biometrics as part of their entry system into the parks since 2013. Biometrics is defined as, “…the technical term for body measurements and calculations. It refers to metrics related to human characteristics. Biometrics authentication is used in computer science as a form of identification and access control.” (thank-you, Wikipedia). In Disney’s case, to enter a park, all guests from age 3+ are requested to scan their ticket media (or your Magic Band) and then place their finger onto a scanner to confirm your ID.

But why do they use this form of identification? Isn’t it a little, well, “invasion of privacy-esque” to have your fingerprint on file? And what do they do with the info?

Well, there’s someone who found out…

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The Ultimate Look Back At WDW’s Original “Journey Into Imagination” Attraction (1983-1998)

Epcot was originally imagined by Walt Disney himself as what would be an urban city center, residential areas, and a series of mass transportation systems that would connect the community. However the concept of Epcot changed gears following Disney’s death in 1966 and it eventually morphed into a place to showcase different countries (a’la a world’s fair. It’s called World Showcase), as well as modern innovation through “edutainment” (education + entertainment) attractions. Each pavilion in the “Future World” area of Epcot focused on something different…space, farming, technology, etc.

Less than 2 years after the opening of Epcot in 1981, The Imagination pavilion, a pavilion that celebrated imagination, opened in early 1983. Its main attraction, a ride called Journey Into Imagination, was said to be the favorite of MANY Disney fans, partially because of its catchy theme song, but mainly because of a cute little guy named Figment, who, along with a man named Dreamfinder were the pavilion’s main characters.

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A Humorous Look At Disney Parks’ New Rules On Smoking, Ice and Strollers

You may have read in the past day or two that the Walt Disney Company released some new rules that will be going into effect in regards to where smoking will be allowed, bringing ice into the parks to keep items cold, and limits on the size and style of strollers (although they don’t specify anything by name in the post, Keenz stroller wagons will no longer be allowed) that can be brought into the parks at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

The full list of new rules can be found if you click here to get to Disney’s website.

Joe and I don’t smoke, bring ice or use a stroller in the park so the new rules won’t affect us at all, but my first thoughts went to those small mom-and-pop companies in Central Florida, that are unaffiliated with Disney, that rent Keenz stroller wagons, the large “Fantasy Strollers” that are shaped like a princess’s carriage and the “Spaceship” style strollers that look like the nose cone of the Millenium Falcon. Hopefully they’ll do OK with the change.

Hard core Disney fans appear to have some very strong opinions about these changes, and I’ve seen debates and even memes about why each new rule is good or bad. But this was my most favorite response of all…

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