Universal CityWalk’s Upcoming VooDoo Doughnut Menu Has Been Revealed!

If you haven’t heard the exciting news yet, VooDoo Doughnut’s newest location is going to be at Universal CityWalk, at Universal Orlando Resort. After visiting their Portland location in 2015 and getting the best kind of heartburn ever thanks to eating one of their maple bacon doughnuts, I am all KINDS of excited about this!

Although the Universal Orlando location doesn’t have an opening date yet (closest we have so far is “Spring 2018,” which is kinda vague LOLOL!), we DO now have a menu, so at least we have something to drool over…

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How To Get Discounted Disney & Other Theme Park Tickets From Your Employer

Getting discounted tickets to Disney, Universal & other theme parks is pretty hard to do. We’ve written about some of the ways you can get legitimate reduced price tickets as well as listed the things you shouldn’t do. Imagine how surprised I was that one perfectly legal and ethical way to get cheaper theme park tickets was right under my nose; I could get them from my employer.

Now I’m not talking about the golden days of the long-gone Magic Kingdom Club program, where you could get discounted Disney World hotel packages with park tickets, dining tickets and entertainment vouchers for huge discounts. It’s been over fifteen years since that program was eliminated and I missed it so much when it went away.

Magic Kingdom Club
(Note from Sharon: I had NO IDEA Joe had kept that card, LOLOL!)

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Why You Should Diversify Your Points & Miles, The TSA’s Recommendations for Traveling During the Holiday + More!

Happy Saturday-before-Christmas, friends! If you need a break from last-minute holiday happenings, here’s a quick recap of the posts we wrote this week:

This week Joe wrote about:
•    How planning for intra-Europe flights was an OCD nightmare come true.
•    What to do if you get sick while at Universal Orlando.
•    When we stayed up the road from an active volcano.
•    The bonus points system Hilton Hotels will have in early 2018.
•    Why you need to diversify your miles and points portfolio.

Sharon wrote about:
•    Google Maps’ latest enhancement, a public toilet indicator app.
•    An airline doing good in a time of travel tragedy.
•    The new water park that’s coming to Central Florida.
•    The TSA’s recommendations for flying during the holidays – and it’s FUNNY!
•    Her report on Bagrider: the carry-on bag that doubles as a baby stroller.

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What To Do If You Get Sick While At Universal Orlando

Traveling to Orlando to get to Universal isn’t easy. It’s not just as simple as using some Floo Powder to travel to Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley or having your Minions prepare for your trip to visit Gru. You run yourself ragged for the week before your trip, making sure everything at work is done, everything at home is done, everything you need is packed and that you’re all ready to go. You’ve spent a couple of late nights and didn’t get enough sleep. Then you board a plane full of people and are sealed in for several hours surrounded by coughing, hacking and sneezing passengers who didn’t want to miss out on their vacations. You know what happens next, right? Runny, stuffy nose and coughing. Or maybe your child has an eye or ear infection or you might be suffering from a case of the stomach flu or food poisoning from that buffet last night. Whatever the cause, being sick while visiting Orlando isn’t fun. After all, this is supposed to be where you vacation like you mean it, right?

Luckily, there are many ways to help you back on the way to wellness while in Orlando. Here’s a few tips to help:
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When You’re Looking For Universal Studios & Wind Up At An Incinerator

Universal Studios theme parks have a lot going for them – Harry Potter, Despicable Me, Shrek 4D, Jurassic Park, and many more attractions to make a day or two at the park(s) worth a visit. But if you’re going to Universal Studios Japan, make sure that you actually wind up at the theme park and not at the Maishima incineration plant in Osaka.

Wait, WHAT???

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I Went to a Universal Orlando After-Hours Event; Here’s What It Was Like

As part of their “Passholder Appreciation Days” season (August 14 to September 30) Universal Orlando has held a couple of special events for Annual Passholders in the past couple of weeks and we were able to go last week. Here’s what it was like.
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The Absolute Least Expensive Way to Travel Off Disney/Universal Property (Or Nearly Anywhere in Central Florida)

Going to Walt Disney World or Universal Studios Florida is expensive. Airline prices are high (although you can look for cheaper prices if you check out this post), park tickets run over $100 per person per day (but you may get some small legitimate discounts through the links on this page), hotels are quite a bit of money (check out the hints on this page for some better prices), food costs a lot, and that’s all before you even think of souvenirs. If you intend to stay on Disney property for your entire trip, you can travel around for free, between Disney’s Magical Express transporting you between the airport and your Disney hotel, and then Disney’s onsite transportation system of buses, monorails and boats to get you to and from the parks and other Disney-run areas. And if you stay on Universal property, you have use of buses, boats and walkways to and from the parks, once you get onto property. But if you’re staying off site, or want to venture out to, say, another theme park, or I-Drive or the outlet malls, you’re looking at even more expense with the use of a taxi, Uber, rental car, etc., right? Well, not necessarily. There’s one more option that’s cheaper than all of those…
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