When You’re Evacuated From Disney Attractions: The Videos!

For many Disney fans, being on a ride/attraction when it breaks down is an annoyance. The continuity of the story is broken, your time is limited and you have places to go and characters to see and a Fast Pass Plus that’s due in 10 minutes! For some, that one instance alone might even mean their vacation is ruined! 😉 (not really, of course – some people are just overly dramatic and/or want the opportunity to try to get something “extra” for their so-called “problems.”)

But for others, being on an attraction that’s suddenly “101” (Disneyspeak for “a ride is down”) while they’re on it, could mean what they see as the ultimate experience – being evacuated from the ride. And with that, you may get to see the ride with the emergency lights on, as well as backstage/behind-the-scenes areas that guests rarely, if ever see.

It’s relatively rare to be evacuated from an attraction and even less so for someone to videotape said evacuation (because Disney Cast Members [employees] are trained to try to not let videotaping happen, if possible, for fear of “spoiling the magic). But it happens here and there. Here are some Disney attraction evacuation videos that we’ve found:

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The New Ban On 78% Of Sunscreens, New WDW Pass Options, How To Keep Your IHG Points From Expiring, & More

Happy Sunday y’all! We hope you had a good week! Here are some travel articles we’ve recently seen that we think you may enjoy.


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When Do The American Express Platinum Card’s Uber Monthly Credits Arrive In Your Account?

One of the benefits of the American Express Platinum card is that you get $200 in Uber credits, which are placed into your account each month. You get $15 in Uber credits for U.S. rides each month, plus a bonus $20 in December (in other words, you get a $35 credit in December).

This new benefit was introduced right around the time that the annual fee for the Platinum Card went up $100 (from $450 to $550 a year). So while the card will cost more up front, there’s chance to get even more value from it. Well, that is, if you’re able to use all $200 of the Uber credits.

It’s important to know that these credits don’t carry over from month to month, so if you don’t use them in one month, they’ll disappear. AMEX is very specific about that in the rules:

Monthly ride Credit expires at 11:59 PM Hawaii Standard Time on the last day of each month. Unused Credit will not carry over to the following month. Credit will be applied for the month in which the transaction is completed

So that tells you when the current month’s credit will expire. But what about when the new month’s credit is added to your account?

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The High End Disney Dining Event Not Everyone Knows About

There are a lot of really awesome places to have dinner at Walt Disney World. There’s Victoria & Albert’s, which we recently got to experience, California Grill, Narcoossee’s, Yachtsman’s Steakhouse, and several other high end restaurants on property. However there’s one dinner at WDW that’s not quite so well-known but is equally as fancy-shmancy. And since the meal involves a mode of transportation that’s well-loved at The House of Mouse, it’s probably about as “Disneyfied” of a high end dinner event as you can get.

Of course, I’m talking about the Highway In The Sky Dine Around Progressive Dinner.

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The Giant Store In Alabama That Sells Your Lost Luggage

There’s a store in Scottsboro, Alabama that takes up most of a strip mall and it’s where lost luggage goes to die. Well, not really die…it’s more like it’s reborn, because it gets sold in a thrift store atmosphere that’s been running for almost 50 years. The store is called Unclaimed Baggage Center and it’s one of Alabama’s top tourist attractions.

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Official Disney Sweepstakes: Disney Movie Rewards Play Big Sweepstakes!

Disney Movie Rewards is holding a sweepstakes with a grand prize of a 5-night/6-day vacation for four to experience the all-new Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort. Toy Story Land is scheduled to open June 30, 2018!

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Exploring The Wacky Toilets of Japan, All In One Place!

Joe and I love Japan. I’ve been there 4 times and Joe 3, and we’re looking at 2020 for our 5th/4th visit. Now, if there’s one thing we can count on from Japan, it’s its quirkiness or even, if you’ll forgive us, its weirdness. Cuz really…for every charming thing like Hayao Miyazaki films, or amazingly fun thing like Tokyo Disneyland/Tokyo DisneySea, or gorgeous natural thing like Mt. Fuji, there’s the off-center thing like MXC (Most Extreme Challenge – I LOVE that show), an incinerator that looks like a theme park, or the annual Kanamara Matsuri, also known as the Penis Festival ( <– YouTube link is NSFW). If you haven’t figured it out yet, Joe and I really like off-center stuff (OK, maybe not the Penis Festival so much), which, yeah, plays a part in why we describe YMMV as, “A slightly off-center look at travel, hotel points, frequent flyer miles & other ways to save.”

So when I found out there’s a guy in Japan that has essentially made an art form of photographing quirky/weird public toilets in Japan, let’s just say I wasn’t the least bit surprised…

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