A Lesson In The Wrong Way To Steal The Salt & Pepper Shakers from Virgin Atlantic

People have been pinching (that’s “stealing” for us Americans) the salt and pepper shakers from Virgin Atlantic for years. And no wonder…they’re shaped like planes and are adorable!

Humorously named Wilbur and Orville, the little plane-shaped spice pots, usually offered in either silver or black (but also with a limited edition run of red during December, 2017), have become so popular in the past 15+ years that the bottom of them even now say, “Pinched from Virgin Atlantic” (which, BTW, is a genius advertising campaign).

This post isn’t a diatribe about whether or not you should steal them – that’s up to you and your conscience. This one is simply how you DON’T want to steal them.

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How Much Is Walt Disney World’s Electric Bill?

Walt Disney World is ginormous. It takes up about 40 square miles (that’s roughly the size of San Francisco). It has 4 full-sized major theme parks, 4 world-class golf courses, 2 miniature golf courses, 2 water parks and a shopping/dining district with dozens upon dozens of storefronts. That’s on top of over 30 resorts and hotels, the vast majority of which are owned and operated by Disney, that contain over 36,000 rooms. There are also all the backstage areas that house the support systems Disney needs to do what it does on a daily basis.

All that stuff needs a whole lot of electricity to keep it running. Can you imagine what their electric bill must be? Well, someone did actually figure it out. Take a look…

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This Perfect Road Trip Will Keep You In 70 Degree Weather The Whole Time

Who doesn’t love a road trip? And why shouldn’t we? The United States has 164,000 miles of highway, 58 national parks, and thousands of roadside attractions ranging from dinosaurs in the desert of California to Hillbilly Mini Golf in Tennessee to a (possibly haunted) cave off Rt. 66 to the infamous South of The Border (right over the state line in South Carolina).

One potential problem with road trips is the weather. Depending on where you’re going and when you’re going there, severe heat or cold could put a real damper on your trip, especially any time you have to go outside. Well, one smart Redditor has made the ultimate road trip – one that not only could take you a year to complete, but will keep you in roughly 70 degree weather for the whole trip.

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Sales On Flights AND Hotels Rates – It’s A Good Week!

A bunch of airlines have some sales this week and to add to that mix, we’ve heard of a hotel chain that’s offering some 20% off their rates, as well. Take a look:

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Why Denver International Airport (DEN) Is The Coolest Airport Ever

Denver International Airport has always had a reputation for being, I dunno…strange? Weird? Enough of “something” where conspiracy theorists have had a field day with DEN since its opening day in 1995:

  • The runway shape (some people say it looks like a swastika).
  • The “marking” on its floor that some people interpreted as the symbol of a new strain of hepatitis that could be used for biological warfare (I kid you not).
  • The dedication marker with the Freemasons symbol and a mention of theĀ  “New World Airport Commission” (an entity that doesn’t exist. It’s been said that was purposely done to mess with the conspiracy theorists LOL!).
  • The abandoned tunnels and underground bunker beneath the airport that might have been intended the headquarters for “something” – the Illuminati? New World Order? Neo-Nazis? Reptoids? Who knows?
  • Really weird art that’s been called, “alien languages, soldiers in gas masks oppressing peasants, and Freemasons plaques”

It’s the latest edition of the latter that makes me want to go to DEN and see it in person. You see, DEN recently commissioned a new piece of art for its 24th birthday and it’s like nothing ever seen there before.

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