Our Visit To The Star Wars Themed Scum and Villainy Cantina in Los Angeles

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
We must be cautious. – Obi Wan (Ben) Kenobi

Ever since I first saw the Facebook page from the Scum and Villainy Cantina Pop-up bar in Los Angeles, I was convinced I wanted to go. To my surprise, Sharon was interested in going as well.


At first, the location was only selling tickets for two months and you needed to purchase admission in advance and then reserve the date you wanted to go. Living on the other side of the continent, I just couldn’t make a trip there on a whim. I kept following their website and their Twitter and Instagram feeds, hoping for more information. First they extended for a month, and then another. I knew this pattern…they were following the Sleep No More playbook where the event says they’ll be open for a limited time so you are made to feel the need to attend now before they close, and then they extend and extend. I kept hoping it would continue.

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Our Disneyland Backup Plan, The Best Travel Jacket, Funny Airplane Employee Announcements + More…

Happy Saturday, friends. Sharon’s busy baking the first batch of Christmas cookies for the season, so I’m here writing the weekly recap. I’m not gonna complain because her cookies are really yummy.

This week Sharon wrote about:

Joe wrote about:

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Our Favorite Places to Eat When Visiting Schlitterbahn (Austin, New Braunfels and Driftwood, TX)

We love to visit Schlitterbahn Water Park in New Braunfels, TX. We’ve been going for over a decade and in that time we’ve managed to find some restaurants that keep us going back to them time after time after time. They are our local comfort foods and we enjoy eating at these places so much that it’s difficult for us to break away and try anywhere else. Just like when we go to New York and have to eat pizza, bagels and corned beef sandwiches, when we go to Texas we need to eat barbecue, grilled meats and down home Texas comfort food.

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Our Disneyland Backup Plan Was A Success

I was disappointed when my original plans to use Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points to stay at the Grand Californian Hotel didn’t pan out as I hoped. I came up with several options as a backup, still hoping the DVC room on waitlist would clear.  As our vacation got closer and closer, it became very evident that we wouldn’t be staying at the DVC. I looked at the backup room that I booked to make sure I was still happy with it. I was, so we forged ahead with our Plan B.

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Vegas Baby! Why I Threw Away All My Plans And Booked A One Bedroom Suite

Las Vegas was the one place on our Southwest trip that I had the most problems in planning. There’s so much do to there and so many hotel choices that it was dizzying. I wrote a whole article about my decision making process and why I ended up booking a room at the Delano with AMEX Fine Hotel and Resorts program.

I had every intention of checking our the rooftop bar during our stay.

Skyfall Delano

So why did I throw all of those plans away and change hotels at the last minute?

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Looking Back At Our 2017 Travels (AKA: Why My Loyalty Isn’t Worth Anything)

It’s almost December and that means we’ve completed all of our traveling for the year. Considering we didn’t take an international flight this year, we managed to rack up the most flight segments that we’ve flown since I started keeping track in 2014. In all, we flew 22 segments, covering 18,060 miles.

Image courtesy of Great Circle Mapper

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Staying In A Cabin At The Grand Canyon Is AWESOME

Staying at the Grand Canyon was one of the things we really wanted to do as part of our trip to the American Southwest. When I went to book a stay at the Grand Canyon, I wasn’t able to get a room at our first choice of hotels, the El Tovar. Luckily, when I checked for a reservation I was able to piece together our stay between two different rooms. The first two nights were spent in the Thunderbird Lodge. While the location was great, the rooms were rather uninspiring. The last night I was able to snag a cabin at Bright Angel Lodge. What a difference that made!

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