Learning The Social Norms Of A Foreign Country Before You Visit (& A Few Dozen Examples I Bet You Didn’t Know)

There is little more eye-opening than traveling to another country. With just one or a few more plane rides, your surroundings suddenly change from the familiar to things you may have never experienced before – the language, the money, the architecture, the food, and – this is a biggie – the social norms.

It’s so easy to make a social faux pas when you’re in a foreign country. And yes, of course, the “locals” are going to immediately know you’re “not from there” (it’s more than going to a country where the people’s skin may be a different color than yours – I’m talking about how Americans can be identified by their dress and demeanor, just as I can point out British tourists all over Orlando without hearing them say a word) and might give you a pass if you make a social mistake. But I, for one, would rather fit in when it comes to social norms, if I can. Here are a few things you may or may not have known about how they do things in:
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This Museum Has Burgers, Comfort Foods and Nostalgia, All Rolled Into One Place!

If you’re a fan of fast food, hamburgers, and/or comfort food, boy, do we have a museum for you! And just so you know, we’re talking about the only museum in the United States dedicated to burgers and comfort food!
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The Small Town That Turns Into A Harry Potter Wonderland

HPHagridAttention all witches and wizards, and even you muggles and squibs! Did you know there’s a weekend long HARRY POTTER PARTY in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States next month? Everyone’s invited! And, get this…it’s FREE! Well, maybe not 100% free…you may need to shell out a few Knuts, Sickles and Galleons for stuff here or there. But it’s free to walk around and see the sights and a little money here and there to buy some ice cream at Florean Fortescue’s or to buy a House Sword is a small price to pay for an event like this!

Here’s more info…
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Restaurant Review: Cask & Larder, Orlando Int’l Airport

I  previously wrote about the lounges available at Orlando Airport. However the one section that does not have any lounge nearby is gates 100-129, which service Southwest, Alaska and Virgin America. All hope is not lost, though, because this section of the airport is home to Cask & Larder. I’d put this dining establishment up on the list of the best airport restaurants out there, anywhere.

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Because Everyone Should Walk Up A 65-Foot-Tall Dinosaur, Right?

In September 2016, while on our way to Desert Trip music festival to see some of the best and certainly the largest concert we have ever seen in our lives, Joe and I stopped at an over 40-year-old roadside attraction just off the I-10, about 13 miles west of Palm Springs: the Cabazon Dinosaurs!
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Seven Apps You Need to Have When Traveling

Your Smartphone is an extremely valuable tool to help you when traveling. To maximize its functionality, you need to have the right apps installed and make sure they’re updated before you leave. Here’s a list of apps I use all the time when I’m out of town and I couldn’t imagine traveling any other way.

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“Tale As Old As Time Tea” For The Beauty (Or The Beast) In All Of Us

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 11.07.58 PM
Photo via Town House at The Kensington

Beauty And The Beast, the 1991 Disney animated feature, won multiple Oscars and Grammys, and the original Broadway production of the show won a Tony, while the 1997 West End version won an Olivier Award. Whether or not Disney’s 2017’s live feature version of the story that starred Emma Watson will have any Oscar feathers to add to its B&TB cap has yet to be seen, but right now you can have your own Beauty and The Beast celebration at The Town House at Kensington Hotel, in London, in the form of their “Tale As Old As Time Tea.” As far as I can tell, it sounds like a definite winner for any Disney fan!

As per Town House at The Kensington’s website, “This delightful Afternoon Tea, named
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