Why Do Hotels Ask For I.D. When You Check In?

Unless you’re at a hotel that charges hourly rates via cash and expects payment up front (you know the kind of place I’m talking about), just about every hotel out there nowadays requests I.D. when you check in.

Here’s why that happens.

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How To Bring “Must Stay Cold” Food (And Medicine!) In Your Carry-On

Everyone has their favorite foods from certain places, whether it’s bratwurst from Wisconsin, kielbasi from New Jersey or Aunt Mary’s famous lasagna. They taste great while you’re visiting, but bringing them home with you on a plane could be difficult because of the need for refrigeration for all those hours. For Joe and I, a perfect example is when we bring home meat from one of our most favorite restaurants in Texas, a BBQ place called The Salt Lick. For the first several years we did this, we always worried if how we packed it would keep the food cold enough for several hours to still be safe to eventually eat. But by now we’ve pretty much perfected our technique, and we’re happy to share it with you.

Oh, and the cool thing is that the same technique works if you need to bring medication on the plane that has to stay cold!
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How To Avoid Severe Ear Pain On An Airplane

We’ve all been there. You have a cold, really bad allergies or a sinus or ear infection, you’re on a plane at nearly 35,000 feet and your ears are just about KILLING you. They’re not popping, the pressure is building, you’re afraid you’re going to break an eardrum, and all the gum, candy and swallowing in the world doesn’t help. But there’s nothing you can do except suck it up and accept the pain, right?


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When I Lost Our Passports The Night Before Going To Japan (And What I Do Now So It Never Happens Again)

I’d like to think that I’m a relatively organized person. Well, to be honest, stuff like my computer desk usually looks like a tornado came through and threw stuff everywhere, but I call it “organized chaos.” I generally know where everything is and it works for me.

Going hand in hand with that, I ALWAYS know where my passport is. But there was that one time when I was in charge of both my and Joe’s passports and had no idea of where they were. Here’s the story about that, as well as what I do now so that never happens again.

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Think your Hotel Safe Is Safe? It’s Not.

You’ve arrived at your destination safely, gotten to your hotel, checked into your room and unpacked. All your clothes are in the closet and drawers, and your toiletries are in the bathroom. But you still have that other, more valuable stuff to put somewhere…your tablet or laptop, perhaps some extra cash or your jewelry, maybe your passport, and whatever else you would feel more comfortable about if it was locked up. You’ll just put it in the safe in your room, right? After all, that’s the best thing to do with valuables when you’re staying at a hotel, right?

Welllllll, maybe think twice before you do that. Here’s why…

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 10.14.57 PM

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