How To Organize And/Or Keep Track Of Your Chargers, Wires & Plugs While Traveling

The electronic age is amazing. I mean, go back just a couple of decades and who woulda thunk that you could have your phone, camera, alarm clock, photo album, books, A/V entertainment, money, calculator, maps, GPS, plane/hotel/restaurant reservations and whatever else, all in the same place? Or that you could bring your computer with you anywhere because it’s not like the ones in the 1960s when you needed a piece of equipment that filled up a whole room just to do simple math equations?

The only thing about having all these electronics is that you need to make sure you have an energy source for them (you don’t have to plug in a book, right?). And the only thing about THAT is making sure that you bring all of your wires and chargers and stuff with you when you go from place to place. Sometimes they’re hard to keep track of, as evidenced by the huge drawer of iPhone, Kindle etc. wires they can “loan” you if you can’t find yours – when they just are everything that other hotel guests have left behind.

So how can you keep track of everything? There are a couple of ways:

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The Most Brilliant Travel Question I’ve Ever Heard

in the close to thirty years Sharon and I have known each other (Note from Sharon: holy crap, it HAS been that long!), we’ve traveled together a lot. We’ve learned several tips and tricks along the way, many of which we’ve shared here, that have made out travels easier and much more enjoyable. However, while having a conversation a few weeks ago I realized that I never have shared the single most brilliant travel question I’ve ever heard. I’ve been using this trick for longer than I’ve known Sharon and it’s helped me find some of the most amazing places we’ve ever gone to eat. To give proper credit, I have my father to thank for coming up with the question.

The more I’ve thought about the question over the years, the more brilliant it becomes. When I was younger, it was just something my dad said to hotel concierges but now that I’ve been using it for decades I can see the subtle elegance it conveys.

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YMMV Travel Deals: Tuesday., Jan. 1, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR, travel friends!

When we see travel deals, we always want to spread the word. So as we see them, we make sure to let you know. They run the gamut from hotels to flights to points to miles to car rentals and even stuff you need while you’ll traveling, like equipment, Uber discounts, theme park tickets, food for when you’re on the road, etc.

Heads up that some of these deals might be really limited in time or amount, or some could go on for days or longer. Some deals might be good for some people and not so much for others. There may be better deals out there and we just don’t know about them. We take no responsibility for any transaction you may or may not do; we’re just telling you what’s we’ve seen that’s out there at that very moment and it’s up to you to decide if it’s something useful, beneficial and worth it for you, and if you can take advantage of it before it’s too late.

Here’s what’s out there right now:

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How We Got A Last-Minute Upgrade On Our Delta Flight

Back when we visited Las Vegas, I booked award tickets for us from Las Vegas to Orange County, CA on Delta. This was the same day when my Uber driver took a longer trip to get a higher fare and then I forgot there was a Centurion Lounge in the airport. Just like most of the trip to Vegas, the gods of fortune were not shining on me.  Continue reading “How We Got A Last-Minute Upgrade On Our Delta Flight”

Save Money With AAA When Filling Up Your Tank

I recently received an email from AAA letting me know that I can now save five cents per gallon when filling up at a Shell station with their Fuel Rewards program. This is another way AAA is more than just roadside assistance.

I’ve been using Fuel Rewards for discounts at my local Shell station for at least two years. If you haven’t signed up for Fuel Rewards, why not? It’s free! I know this isn’t true everywhere, but the prices at Shell stations near me are comparable with other stations (except Costco and BJ’s). Up until now, I was saving six cents per gallon because of IHG’s relationship with Fuel Rewards, You saved more money the higher IHG level you were and the IHG Select card provided automatic Platinum status.

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