“Sleep No More” is One Of The Most Fascinating Shows in NYC, Ever!

Sleep No More. If you don’t immediately recognize the title, you’re probably sitting there asking yourself “What’s Sleep No More?”  Here’s a pretty good summation:
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Trip Report: Because……Hamilton

16114094_10154045741360974_5686568030597608705_nSharon and I just finished a very quick trip to NYC. We left on a Friday morning and returned late Sunday night. We don’t usually take such short trips but there was one reason we went to New York just for a weekend.


That’s right. While I confidently say I do have the greater tech skills in the family, Sharon has GoogleFu skills which outshine mine. When we saw Hamilton on Broadway a year ago last November, we decided we needed to see it again. That became quite a difficult task since it had become the hardest ticket to get since……well since we were alive.

My schedule currently gives me alternate long weekends off from work. So our plan was that when/if Sharon found tickets available, she would get them for a weekend I was off. It was then up to me to make the trip work.

Well, Sharon got tickets and I started planning. I’ll break the trip up into segments because I think each one is interesting on its own merits.

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