Should You Earn Rental Credits or Frequent Flyer Miles for National Car Rentals?

I’m a big fan of National Car Rental’s Emerald Aisle program. I’ve been a member for 20 years now (Ugh, Really? 20 years?)  For all that time and for all those rentals, I’ve never earned a single rental credit with National. I’ve earned frequent flyer miles for my rentals instead. For my travels, I just don’t rent cars often enough so it would take me forever to earn a free rental day.

National gives you 1 rental credit for each rental. If you rent a car for more than a week, you can earn extra credits. Here’s a breakdown of the earning for longer rentals since this information isn’t easily found on National’s website. It took some digging and I’m not surprised they want to keep this a secret:

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Welcome To Orlando, Silvercar! PLUS a Silvercar Sweepstakes!

Joe and I love Silvercar. We’ve rented with them whenever we’re able, not just because they have really cool cars, but because they make renting from them SO darn easy. So when Silvercar announced they were expending into Orlando, we were thrilled, not so much for ourselves (I mean, we live here, y’know?), but for all our friends and family who come to Orlando for vacation or on business, who would soon be able to rent a Silvercar while they were in town. And as of this past Monday, they’re open for business here in Orlando!

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Sign Up For The “One Two Free” Promotion from National Car Rental and Get a Free Day after Two Rentals

I usually don’t worry too much about earning car rental points. I sign up for all the programs but I’m not frequent enough of a renter to make it worthwhile to collect rental points, so I credit my rentals to earn airline miles instead.

However, the current promotion from National is one that can be useful if you’re going to rent a car from them at least twice between August 24, 2017 and February 28, 2018.

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One-Way Car Rentals to Florida: Just $4.99/Day. Yes, Really!

In the weeks and months after Labor Day, when the weather starts cooling down in the northeast, vacations to Florida, which stays comparatively warm throughout the winter, start to increase. To keep up with the demand of cars in the Sunshine State, car rental companies have to move a bunch of their autos down to the major cities in Florida, and it’s much more cost effective to have their customers do the transporting that to put them on rail cars and have them shipped down. With that, several companies are offering car rentals from select northeast locations to select Florida locations for just $4.99 per day!

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Silvercar Car Rental Expanding to Orlando & Seattle

Good news for travelers who want to rent a car in Orlando or Seattle! Silvercar is going to start renting cars at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on July 31, 2017 and at Orlando International Airport as of August 28, 2017! Silvercar can already be found at airports in Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Ft. Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark, New York, Phoenix and San Francisco and their upcoming expansion will help travelers who are looking for car rental “the way it should be,” with no hassles, no lines, no paperwork, no transponder fees and premium features at no extra cost.
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