How Our Friends Flew From The US To All 3 Disney Parks In Asia Without Winning The Lottery

Going to see the Disney Theme Parks in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo are bucket list trips for many Disney fans. However most people never try to make the trip because it seems out of reach to them. The excuses that people most often give is that the flights are too long or the airfare is too expensive.

When I saw a post on Facebook from one of my friends saying that he and his wife just returned from Japan, I commented that I was so happy for them. I know they’re big Disney fans and I was thrilled they got to see Tokyo Disney. We talked a bit and I discovered that, in fact, they just returned from an epic 10 day trip where they visited all three of the Disney theme parks in Asia. On top of that, all their flights were booked with miles and they flew exclusively in business and first class the whole way. #FTW

It’s with his permission that I’m now going to share how they were able to go on this trip and pay almost nothing out of pocket for airfare. I’m quiet jealous of some of the flights they took, and am remembering that Sharon and I still haven’t been to Hong Kong or Shanghai.

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I Asked Airlines How I Could Ensure I Would Sit With My Kids. Here’s What They Said

After writing about the family who was split up in middle seats throughout the plane on our United flight to Chicago, I wasn’t expecting the response we got from our readers. We received a number of comments from readers with differing viewpoints. One one hand, we received two comments that I’m sure United would be just thrilled to read:

  • I won’t be flying with United. My kids won’t handle being separated from me.
  • Yup. Not flying United.

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Are Americans Less Hospitable, Or Is It Just Us?

We’ve just finished spending the night over a relative’s house during a road trip and it occurred to me that in the sixteen years that we’ve owned our house, we’ve only had one person who wasn’t family spend the night. Counting family, that number goes up to three.


We don’t mean to be inhospitable, but we like to think of our home as our private domain. Our sanctuary. In order to let someone into that space, we have to be really comfortable with you entering our area. Even when we had the couple we found on Trusted Housesitters stay at our house, we only let them stay in the guest bedroom and we went through emails and Skype interviews before we even considered to allow them  to do that.

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TSA Checkpoint Lines Are Getting Even Longer So I’m Looking At CLEAR

The last few times we flew out of Orlando, the TSA lines have been unbelievably long. The regular security line stretched all the way back towards the food court.  It looked exactly like this:

Photo courtesy of @andrewlisi on Twitter

We had to work our way through the crowds to make it to the TSA PreCheck lanes. Once we got to the PreCheck line, it was still a 10 minute wait to get our ID’s approved while we waited for the people who weren’t supposed to be in the line to be told they needed to go and wait in the 45 minute line going down the hall. But there was one line that was empty – the one for CLEAR.

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How To Find A Cheap Hotel Room & Get It For Even Less

Nothing can be more aggravating that looking for travel deals. I’ve written about how to find a cheap car rental and how airfare pricing drives me crazy but putting together a post about how I search for hotels has been not as easy as I though it would be.

I think it comes down to numbers. To fly from point A to point B, there are only so many airlines you can fly on. When you get to your destination, there are only a limited number of rental car companies to choose from. When it comes to hotels, the options can seem endless.

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RANT: My New Pet Peeve With Hotels

It’s Friday. My “write whatever I want to” day. I’m well aware that just three weeks ago I wrote about how I didn’t want these posts to turn into me ranting about this or that. I’m giving myself a pass on that rule this week, as I now have a new thing that really annoys me. It’s a problem with hotels and I know I’ve given them a hard time in the past. First it was my list of five things I wish they did right and then my confusion about why they either give you too many or too few pillows. But it’s been several months and I’ve moved on to a new annoyance.

This one is more than just an issue about the room; it’s something that takes time and effort to discover and fix.

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What If Your Rental Car Company Overcharges You For Tolls?

Paying for toll roads and bridges/tunnels has become more complicated in recent years. More and more locations are depending on toll-by-plate systems to send you a bill or otherwise use a transponder in your car to keep track of how much you owe. If you go through a toll in a rental car, the bill for the toll goes to the rental car company and eventually gets charged to your credit card. Rental car companies have turned this into another way for them to rip you off augment their revenue stream and often add huge surcharges to rentals even if you only go through one toll during your rental. We’ve written about how you can try to avoid these charges by renting from a company who charges a fair rate for their toll payment services. But what if the car rental company sends you a bill after your rental for tolls you know you didn’t go through?

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