These Funny Town Names Sound NSFW, But They’re Really Not

In an effort of full disclosure, please know there’s not one bad/dirty/NSFW word or phrase in this post. However there are some words that may or may have homonyms that might be a wee (or more than just a wee) bit suggestive, at least in the eyes of some of you, our dear readers. That’s not our fault ;-). Your mileage may vary, and you have been warned. And now on with the blog post…
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The Funniest Complaint Letter To An Airline, Ever

If you’ve read this travel blog for any length of time, you may notice that we try to do things “our way.” That’s simply because this blog is really an extension of us.  Joe will write about points and miles because he’s into that and I will often write about “human interest” travel stuff because that’s what I like (and yeah, the weirder the better). And both of us will call a spade a spade and if we don’t like something, we’ll say it. Such is the case with RyanAir.
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“Your Mileage May Vary” is 6 Months Old Today & To Celebrate, We’re Holding A Contest!

Can you believe this blog is already 6 MONTH OLD? We sure can’t, but we’re so happy we’re still here and that, as I often tell Joe, “people are reading our stuff!!!”

Anyway, to celebrate, we’re holding a contest over on our Facebook fan page – CLICK HERE to read the rules and to enter!

We’re having a blast writing our posts and we hope you enjoy reading them. Thank-you so much  for sharing this journey with us! Here’s to many, many more anniversaries for Your Mileage May Vary!

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ACT NOW: $60 in Purchases for $4.99 (if Eligible)

I know I usually write about how to maximize travel with miles and points and reviews about our travels. However, I’m always looking for a way to save a buck here and there, and this offer was just too good to not to pass on to everyone.

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Man Checks In A Can of Beer As His Only Luggage

With the cramped conditions of air travel nowadays, it’s often suggested that airline passengers travel light and check as much as they can, to help ensure there’s enough room in the cabin for everyone’s essentials.  Well, a guy in Australia took the advice literally and became everyone’s hero in the process, because the only thing he checked for his Qantas flight between Melbourne and Perth was a can of beer.
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The Most Sexist Hotel Bar In The World?

Sexism is apparently alive and well at Japan’s Hilton Osaka, where their new (it opened in March) cafe/bar, called My Place, currently has a discount offer running for women who wear high heels – and the higher the heels, the more of a discount they’ll receive.

Wait, what the…?!?!?! Yeah, I know. Read more for the details…
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Flying + Saudi Arabia Airlines + Ramadan = Fascinating!

I don’t know about you, but I love to learn when I travel. And since traveling often means meeting people from all different backgrounds, I’ve discovered that I love learning more about what these “different from me” people consider to be important and, of course, as is often the case, that includes their religion. So from my own active researching as well as reaching out to ask friends who practice, I’ve learned a little bit about many of the major and not-so-major religions around the world – what’s done, why they’re done, etc. I think it’s made me a more well-rounded person and helps me keep a more open mind about those who are not the same as me.

Anyway, as I write this, it’s just past the halfway through Ramadan (May 26 – June 24). To grab a quote from

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