Vindication: An Uber Driver Gave Me A Huge Compliment

An Uber rating can be a fickle thing. I wrote back in June about how I was worried that my rating was sitting at 4.71 and that anyone with less than a 4.75 rating risks would be losing out on rides from judgemental drivers who will only pick up those with stellar ratings.

I wrote at the time how I’m not an ultra-Uber user and we don’t use the service that often. However, I’m in the midst of a trip where I need to use the service quite often for getting around Manhattan.

I needed to take a trip from Central Park to Penn Station and while stuck in traffic, I struck up a conversation with the driver after which I felt redemption about my “low” passenger rating.

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What If I Don’t Want To Live Like A Local When I Travel?

I’ve heard the refrain “It’s so touristy there” many times when talking about visiting a location. It’s usually said by someone who insists that the only way to travel is to “Live like a local.” The more I think about it, I just don’t understand what people have against those who act like a tourist when they travel.

If someone’s never been to New York City before and is only going to be there for three days, what’s wrong about going to look at Times Square or Rockefeller Center? Do we expect people not to visit the sights that brought them to a city in the first place? That would be like going to the Grand Canyon and never looking at it, or not seeing the Eiffel Tower when going to Paris.


When we went to New Orleans, we went to Jackson Square, stood in line for beignets at Cafe du Monde, went on a riverboat ride and visited Preservation Hall to listen to some Jazz. All of those things would be considered “touristy” but it didn’t make them any less fun.

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If You’re Planning Travel Over Thanksgiving, Remember These Often Overlooked Tasks

Up until last year, we never considered traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. For starters, it’s one of the busiest times of the year and we try to avoid going at those times whenever possible. We also like to spend the holidays at home with friends and family when possible. However, there comes a time when the things you want to do only happen over that period.

Like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


If we wanted to get to New York, we’d have to be traveling around Thanksgiving, there was no way around that fact.

I started looking around a year out and eventually found airfare with miles and a hotel room along the parade route with points.

I was so proud of myself that I forgot to plan some other essential parts of the trip which are usually afterthoughts any other time of the year.

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New York Considering Ban Of Single-Use Hotel Toiletries

It’s one thing when a hotel brand decides to stop offering single-use hotel toiletries. Is it to save money? Is it for the “feel good” publicity? Is it truly to save the environment? You just never know – what they say to the public and what they say behind closed doors, as much as I’d like to hope they’re the same, may or may not be.

But it’s another thing when a whole state considers banning those small plastic bottles.

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