Ever Want to Actually Have Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Now You Can! (Updated 11/18)

You know the scene – Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the classic film based on the novel by Truman Capote, opens with Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn), nibbling on a pastry and drinking some coffee while peeking into the windows of the Tiffany & Co. It’s early and the store isn’t open yet, so all she can do is gaze longingly at everything.

Since the film’s premiere in 1961, no one’s been able to really eat breakfast at Tiffany’s (I mean, really, they sell jewelry, china and silver!), but if you’re a Audrey Hepburn fan, get ready to swoon, because now you can!

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How To Use Points And Miles To Attend Concerts

Sharon and I have always loved going to see concerts. Our music tastes aren’t perfectly aligned so there’s only a slice of shows we’re going to want to see every year. We used to stick to shows in our home town of Orlando, which has been getting better quality acts since the Amway Center and the Dr. Phillips Center For Performing Arts have both opened in the last decade,

Occasionally, there are shows we want to see that aren’t anywhere near home and sometimes these are festival or multi-day concerts featuring many bands and performers we really want to see. Other times it’s just a tour that isn’t happening in our home town,

Whether it’s driving across the state to Tampa, Jacksonville or Fort Lauderdale or flying across the country to New York, Chicago or Indio, CA, using points and miles can go a long way towards making ┬árips like these possible, The concert tickets are expensive enough so saving on hotels and transportation is a wonderful thing.

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I Need To Plan Some Trips ASAP!

It’s the time of the year when we need to decide our travel schedule for the following year. This is a necessary task because my work obligations make me put in for coverage if I want an entire week, or two, away from my job. The good thing about this is it forces Sharon and I to decide where we want to travel, Right now this is especially important because we don’t have any trips planned in 2019. What?!?!?!?! We need to fix that ASAP!

Now, we have “ideas” about what we want to go and when we want to go but it’s a different thing to set a date. It’s helpful because it was at this time last year we finally firmed up dates for our overdue visit New Orleans (where we had a parade to celebrate).

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How To Get Free Or Discounted Admission Into Museums

Sharon and I love to check out museums when we’re traveling. Whether it’s a somber location like The September 11th Memorial Museum or Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park or somewhere fun, such as The Pinball Hall of Fame or The Museum of Pop Culture, we’ll find some time to plan a visit.

Admission to museums can be expensive. Yet while I always look for discounts on amusement park tickets, I’ve never thought about saving money at ┬ámuseum. Turns out, it’s the same process and you might even be able to get in for free.

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Hotel Review: Renaissance Newark Airport Hotel – Elizabeth, NJ

I’ve already shared the story of how I was able to fly to New Jersey for the night so I could attend my elementary school reunion. I also shared how I ended up picking a hotel so I could use the free night from Sharon’s Marriott Business credit card.

How was the hotel I booked with my free night certificate and would the room have been worth the $300 price they were charging for a night when I was staying there?

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