The One Thing A Visitor To New Orleans Should Never Talk About

When you visit New Orleans, you’ll find that the locals are willing to talk to you about most anything. The food, the bars, second line parades, Mardi Gras, King Cakes, ghosts, voodoo, pirates and the New Orleans Saints are all part of the past and current history of the town and open game for conversation. We were warned before visiting by some friends that there is one topic that a visitor shouldn’t bring up – Hurricane Katrina.

I’m sure that now that the “no-call” in the NFC Championship game against the Rams will be something else to avoid for a while as well but that’s a fresh wound.


Katrina happened in 2005 and the city is still recovering. We picked up tidbits of info here and there but we were still interested to learn about the hurricane, the impact it had on the people of the city and the how and why it happened in the first place. Continue reading “The One Thing A Visitor To New Orleans Should Never Talk About”

This Museum Has A Working “Poop Machine”

When we visited Tasmania on our trip to Australia with Adventures by Disney, there were many activities on our schedule, such as zip-lining, meeting kangaroos at an animal sanctuary and sea kayaking, to name a few. When we arrived in Hobart, we were treated to something we didn’t have much of during the trip – free time. Since our guides had gotten to know us over the previous 10 days, they suggested we might like to visit a museum they don’t usually recommend to the families typically on the tour. We decided not to go and spent the day walking around Hobart and having a wonderful dinner. I’m not disappointed about how we spent our day, but looking back in 20/20 hindsight, I’m a bit sad we never went to the museum.

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The Museum That Looks Back At Its Racist Past

We’ve rediscovered our love for Chicago over the last two years. Whether it’s a visit to see Hamilton, catch a Phil Collins concert or even just an excuse for Sharon to pick up another Tiki Mug from Three Dots and a Dash (note from Sharon: YYYYAAAASSSS!!!!), we’re always up for another visit. We asked you for what we should do in Chicago and one of the places we’d never visited until our last trip was the Field Museum.

Field Museum Sign

I already shared how we were able to visit for free since my employer is one of the major contributors to the museum. Now, most people who visit the Field Museum want to see the dinosaurs, including Sue, the T-Rex (who was in rehab when we visited. But we still saw some sweet dinos.)


Other people might be more interested in learning about two of the other infamous residents of the Field, the Tsavo Lions.


While seeing all of these things were great, there was one exhibit that we’re still talking about for months after our visit. It is a fascinating retrospective on how people’s opinions can change towards a topic in the timespan of a single lifetime.

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Hamilton Fan? Don’t Throw Away Your Shot To See This Exclusive Hamilton Exhibition!

If you’re a fan of Broadway, especially Broadway musicals, you’re well aware that Hamilton has become a cultural phenomenon.

In 2016, it got a record-setting 16 Tony nominations (it won 11, including Best Musical), and was also the recipient of the 2016 Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album and the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. It has permanent-until-it-closes productions in NYC, Chicago and London’s West End, as well as three U.S. national tours. That’s on top of a half dozen or so special Hamilton-themed musical releases.

If all this is old hat to you, then you may be interested to know that next up will be Hamilton: The Exhibition.


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When In New Orleans, You Really Need To Visit A Pharmacy

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not talking about your neighborhood Walgreens here (although we did need to stop at the one on Decatur for some supplies during our trip).  The former home and business of the first registered pharmacist in the United States is now the site of the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum. While I had a certain professional interest in visiting, I can say that I’d think everyone would find at least some of the history of medicine and pharmacy to be enlightening.


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