America’s Most Hated Travel Companies

There are some companies out there that are just AWFUL. You know the kind I mean…the very thought of them makes you roll your eyes and sigh a few times. Of course, that’s not healthy. But sometimes though, you feel a little better about the whole thing when someone else agrees with you; a someone who or a something that justifies what you’re feeling about those lousy places that give you nothing but agida (Hey, I’m from NY…look it up LOLOL). Welp, an online site called 24/7 Wall Street recently came out with its list of the top 20 of American’s Most Hated Companies of 2017 and lo and behold (and to no surprise to anybody), a few of them are in the travel industry. Take a look-see…

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Points & Bitcoin, A New Lounge in Reno, Don’t Miss Out on LOTS of Points, + More!

Hi friends! Here are the articles we saw last week, written by other travel bloggers, that we learned from, made us think or maybe made us chuckle a little bit. We hope you enjoy them!

Did you read anything travel-related this week that you thought was interesting? Please share!

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An Airline Doing Good In A Time of Travel Tragedy

I’m sure you’ve heard about the derailment of the Amtrak train in Washington State that happened yesterday morning. While making its inaugural trip from Seattle to Portland, train No. 501 was going too quickly and, while on a curve, ran off its track. The accident involved thirteen train cars that fell from the bridge they were on, which then hit 5 cars and 2 trucks on the I-5 freeway below. At last report, there were, tragically, at least 3 confirmed fatalities as well as several dozen people who needed to be hospitalized.

The accident completely blocked off all lanes of Interstate 5, a major north-south route. In response to that, one airline is providing an alternative for holiday travelers on that normally busy stretch of highway, at deeply discounted rates.

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The Best Name For A Ferry, EVER!

I grew up in Staten Island, NY and so, of course, the Staten Island Ferry is near and dear to my heart. Most of the ferries are named after famous Staten Island people or towns, or those who served political office  such as Alice Austen (a photographer who also introduced tennis to the United States.), John F. Kennedy and Samuel I. Newhouse (the Staten Island Advance’s [S.I.’s daily newspaper] publisher from 1922 to 1979). But other vessels around the world are sometimes named a different way.

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What To Do When Your Uber Charge Is Higher Than Expected

One of the things I love about Uber is knowing the price of the ride when you ask for a car. You can make an informed decision about which type of car to request, see if you are paying extra because of demand and not be subject to a meter like a taxi.

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How To Get From JFK Airport to Manhattan Via AirTrain & Subway

We used to exclusively fly into LaGuardia Airport when we visited Manhattan because there were plenty of flights from Orlando and the price was about the same as flying into the other NYC airports. We could easily take a taxi into Manhattan from LaGuardia so I never gave much thought into other transportation options.

Eventually airfares started to rise and I was able to find cheaper flights into JFK Airport instead of LaGuardia. That meant I had to figure out what was the best way to get to Midtown Manhattan from JFK, which is located in Jamaica, Queens. I knew that, unlike LaGuardia, connection to the NYC Subway was possible from JFK; I just didn’t know how.

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The Absolute Least Expensive Way to Travel Off Disney/Universal Property (Or Nearly Anywhere in Central Florida)

Going to Walt Disney World or Universal Studios Florida is expensive. Airline prices are high (although you can look for cheaper prices if you check out this post), park tickets run over $100 per person per day (but you may get some small legitimate discounts through the links on this page), hotels are quite a bit of money (check out the hints on this page for some better prices), food costs a lot, and that’s all before you even think of souvenirs. If you intend to stay on Disney property for your entire trip, you can travel around for free, between Disney’s Magical Express transporting you between the airport and your Disney hotel, and then Disney’s onsite transportation system of buses, monorails and boats to get you to and from the parks and other Disney-run areas. And if you stay on Universal property, you have use of buses, boats and walkways to and from the parks, once you get onto property. But if you’re staying off site, or want to venture out to, say, another theme park, or I-Drive or the outlet malls, you’re looking at even more expense with the use of a taxi, Uber, rental car, etc., right? Well, not necessarily. There’s one more option that’s cheaper than all of those…
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