That Time When When A Celebrity Live Tweeted About The Plane Passenger From Hell

Many people could be considered “the worst passenger ever.” We even covered a bunch of them (maybe not all “the worst” but definitely annoying!) in this post ;). But when the editor of an award-winning TV show decides to live Tweet about the plane passenger from hell, you know you’re in for a treat. Here’s what happened…

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Friday Musings: Bait And Switch Is Alive And Well In The Travel World

I’m usually a very calm person to a fault and will usually let things go that other people would go crazy about. But despite my best efforts, even I will sometimes get angry over something rather minor. I don’t want to become one of those people who complain about #firstworldproblems like the downgrade of champagne in first class or getting one minute less of water during an on-board shower. But when I see an online offer that will be available at a future date, I expect that same offer to be available when I go to buy it. Such was not the case for this past Thursday’s Daily Getaways promotion.

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The Fable of Finnair’s Final Friday the 13th Flight

It’s Friday the 13th, y’all! Hey, did you ever hear of the ULTIMATE Friday the 13th event that an airline pulled? It’s really creative and well done :-). Check this out…

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Some of The Funniest Flight Attendant Safety Spiels Ever

We all know the drill…before the plane takes off, the flight attendants have to tell us what we need to do regarding cabin safety in the event of an emergency. We’re all supposed to watch the demonstration so we know where the exits are, how to use the seat belt, oxygen mask and life vests, to not smoke or mess with the smoke detectors on the plane, etc. Most of us watch the demonstration every single time because we know how important it is. And we’ve all seen those who foolishly (and rudely) pay no attention whatsoever, mostly because they’re repetitive and sometimes kind of boring. But what if the safety demonstrations were like any of these?

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Humorously Translating The English Of The U.K. and The U.S.

You would think that two countries who are such close allies, whose residents travel back and forth between the two said countries ALL THE TIME, and who speak the same language would be better able to communicate, right? But when it comes to the England (well, moreso the entire United Kingdom) and the United States, nope, that’s not necessarily the case.

One of my closest friends, Pippa, lives on the southern coast of England. She and her husband, Pete (BTW, Pippa & Pete just celebrated their 2nd anniversary, y’all!), come to the U.S. about once a year, and Joe and I do our best to hang out with them a couple of times during their (usually) 2-week vacation. OK, OK….holiday. Because there’s a prime example. WE call it a “vacation,” but THEY call it a “holiday.” Really? REALLY? (Female) P. and I have had LOTS of conversations about what she calls this and what I call that and why can’t our two countries, who speak the same frickin’ language, call the same thing by the same word??? But until they do (and let’s face it – it ain’t gonna happen), laughing at the differences never gets old. As this video plainly shows…

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It’s Time For Our Annual Travel Tradition

Families have their traditions. For some people, it’s meals. For others, it’s taking a picture at a certain location every year. For Sharon and I, we’ve come up with our own little tradition. Like most traditions, we didn’t plan on it becoming something we’d do every year. It was more of a fun thing we did once and then we realized we liked it. We liked putting it together and then we got to enjoy it for the upcoming year. Who knows…maybe it’s something you’d like to do too.

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