Good And Bad Changes To Lounge Access With American Express Platinum Cards

Access to airport lounges is one of the big draws of keeping an American Express Platinum Card. Besides providing access to Priority Pass lounges, the card also gets you into many other lounges worldwide, including their own Centurion Lounges.

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The TSA Has A New Watch List of Passengers Who Misbehave

If a Transportation Security Administration employee has gotten on your last nerve, I wold still suggest you still act as cool as a cucumber, because guess what? The TSA now has a new secret watch list to monitor people who may be targeted as potential threats at airport checkpoints because they’ve become unruly in some way, shape or form.

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How To Be Cheap And Frugal When You Travel, But Still Be Smart About It

I remember how I felt when I heard the simple idea that has changed the way I travel. I was trying save money everywhere I could and ended up spending more time getting from place A to place B or not buying something that would make my travel easier or more enjoyable. I’ve stopped worrying about every little expense and my travels are much better because of the change. I don’t stress over every decision. I don’t spend hours figuring out travel plans when a simpler plan that is a little more expensive is available.

I realized that Sharon and I have been making these decisions that deal with our bigger travel plans for years. What flights will we take? Which hotel should we stay at? What size car should we rent and from who? As we’ve gotten older and traveled more, we realize that it’s often best for us to spend a little more, but to pick our spots where we’ll get the best return. All of these factors are the same if I’m booking with cash or with miles and points.

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The World’s Happiest Airports

In recent years, you may have seen a “Please rate your travel experience” sign at airports you’ve visited, with a “smiley” system.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 12.17.37 PM.png

Those little smileys (or sad faces) you tap on are part of a feedback system developed by a marketing firm called (what else but) HappyOrNot.

HappyOrNot, a company run out of Finland (with another office in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida), is the global leader in instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting with their innovative feedback smileys. Since 2009, the company has been researching peoples’ happiness on a variety of topics, from where they shop, to where they eat, and everything in between. They have worked with over 4000 organizations in 117 countries and its clients include Microsoft, McDonald’s, London Heathrow Airport, LinkedIn, the British National Health Service (NHS), and IKEA.

When it comes to travel, at last count, they have HappyOrNot smiley terminals in about 160 airports across 36 countries, and a few months ago the company published their inaugural Airport Report, which was based on 158 million responses. Here are some of the results:

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Plane Forced To Land When Wife Discovered Husband’s Affair & Became Uncontrollable

File this one under “things you don’t encounter on a plane every day.”

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What To Do When Your Flight Is Delayed By The Weather

It’s after Memorial Day and that means we’re entering prime leisure travel season in the US. Kids are out of school and families are going on trips that they planned all year. Unfortunately, this is also the time of the year where weather can wreak havoc on airline travel on an almost daily basis. Living in Orlando, we’re accustomed to severe weather blowing through all the time. Here’s a picture a friend of ours took just last week looking from one side of the car and then the other. 33522921_10215602529437177_3215811944896266240_o

With sudden changes to the weather being the norm for six months out of the year, we’re used to experiencing weather delays when flying. While we try to take these things in stride, we’ve watched people go through every level of grief over a 45 minute delay. Here’s our tips on what you can and should do if your flight is delayed.

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Pop-Up Airport Lounge, Fire At A Famous European Theme Park & More!

Happy Sunday, friends and if you’re in the U.S., happy Memorial Day Weekend! AND if you’re reading this from the southeast U.S., I hope Tropical Storm Alberto doesn’t bother you too much!  Sharon and I have come across a lot of interesting travel-related articles this week – here are some of our favorites.

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