Aftermath Of Mystery Woman Who Got Onto Delta Plane With No Ticket Or I.D. (a.k.a. The Rest Of The Story)

Not long ago, several media outlets wrote about a woman who had appeared to somehow sneak onto a Delta flight with no I.D. and no plane ticket.

We found out what happened next.

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The Gate Check Bag Dilemma On Planes

Have you ever been waiting to board a plane and heard this announcement?

Dear Passengers,

This flight is going to be totally full so we’re asking 60 passengers to gate check their bags to their destination for no additional charge.

This was the announcement at the gate for a JetBlue flight from JFK to Orlando. I stared at my “Group D” on my boarding pass and thought to myself, “I’ll risk it.” For this trip, I was only bringing a backpack I knew could fit under the seat and a messenger bag carrying my iPad, headphones and a small travel-sized pillow for my back, which I’d be taking out as soon as I boarded the plane and got to my seat.

After seemingly the entire plane boarded, our group was called.

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Lounge Review: JetBlue T5 Rooftop – JFK Airport

Ever since the Airspace Lounge closed in JFK’s Terminal 5 in 2018, the only lounge left in the terminal is the Aer Lingus lounge, which is only open to passengers on their flights. JFK’s Terminal 5 building is modern for a U.S. airport and offers many amenities that people are looking for while waiting for a flight. Not having a lounge is a minor inconvenience but there are plenty of places around the terminal to sit, eat and work. JetBlue passengers are accustomed to not having lounge access so it’s not a huge surprise there isn’t one, even at one of their major hubs.

However, JetBlue has added a feature into T5 which is usually only found in airport lounge spaces. A rooftop terrace.

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The Two Ways To Get From JFK Airport To Manhattan

When landing at JFK Airport, you have two choices if you want to get to Manhattan. They are doing a much better job making it easy (for those who speak English) to figure out which option they want. There’s either the cheaper way or the faster way. Well, there is also the EXPENSIVE way of taking a taxi, Uber or Lyft, but unless you’re wanting to pay between $60 – $100 for a ride, I’d stay away from those options.

Make sure you get on the correct AirTrain as the faster option only leaves from Jamaica station.

What are the differences between the two services?

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